How to solve the tests?

For once in my life every person came across tests. But one thing, if their decision is a kind of hobby, when a person has the opportunity to postpone the test "for later" or to abandon one test altogether and take up the next. And quite another - if something important depends on the result of the test: a test at an institute, a hiring job, or a promotion. Very often, the time for passing such tests is limited. And there's nothing you can do, because solving the tests is necessary to achieve a specific goal. To always successfully cope with this task, you need to know and follow a few simple rules.

How to solve tests

First of all, do not panic, seeing how many questions the test contains. While solving one particular question, think only about it, and not about those that you still have to decide. If you don’t understand the tasks, or don’t know how to do it, don’t linger, go to the next question, and come back to this later when you decide everything you know for sure. Read the task carefully and completely.There are cases when, just starting to read the task and noticing some similarity with the previous one, the person gives the answer without having read the question to the end. An annoying mistake, isn't it?

Sometimes it happens that some of the suggested answers simply can’t be correct, and you understand this without even knowing the right answer. Feel free to exclude them. Perhaps this way, by eliminating obviously wrong answers, you will find the right one. If you do not know the answer, and there is no hope that, after thinking, you will still master this task, try to trust your intuition and guess. Just close your eyes, mentally repeat the question and put the answer that first came to mind. Often it is he who turns out to be the most faithful. You should not change the decision and cross out the selected answers several times. However, if intuition fails you, and you know about it, then this method should not be abused.

How to solve iq tests

For some time, tests have been gaining popularity in our country to determine the level of intelligence. It’s not for us to judge how true the picture is regarding our mental abilities.Therefore, the question regarding how to solve tests on iq, is still relevant among those who want to get such entertainment. It should be noted that the technique of passing the test in two stages is also valid here. At the first stage it is necessary to solve those tasks that do not cause difficulties and doubts. And on the second - to return to those who missed, and on the decision that you need to think about. If you understand that you can’t exactly cope with some task - do not waste time, go to the next one. And you should not be too upset about the missed question: there are always tasks in the tests that a person cannot cope with for the allotted period of time, and this fact is taken into account when summing up the results. The main thing - do not be nervous and do not fuss.


If time allows, then you can prepare for the passage of tests in advance. To date, there are a great many manuals and collections, having studied which you will learn how to solve tests correctly. Experience is power! The whole secret is that the design of most of the test tasks is the same. The difference is only the given data (numbers or figures change).Therefore, grasping the essence, in the future, you will easily cope with such tasks.