How to stop coughing in 2018

If you feel fine, and you are only worried about a cough that gets worse in the evening, then during the week, take 8-10 drops of Corvalol, diluted in 50 ml of boiling water with the addition of honey. This will soothe the cough and nervous system. The night you will sleep without coughing.
If a cough does not go away for a long time after a cold, you may not have recovered, and a small inflammatory process remains in the respiratory system. A daily exercise of walking on all fours for 1-2 minutes and taking a tablespoon of real Cahors with the addition of honey for the night will help the stagnant sputum to get out of the body, and the cough will become less frequent. Daily inhalations with eucalyptus, lemon or lavender oil will make breathing easier and coughing will decrease.
With a long cough, it is imperative to clean the body. Taking 2 tablets of activated charcoal and 1 cup of boiling water in the morning will help the intestines to quickly clean up toxins, which will positively affect the state of the body as a whole, which means the cough will disappear much faster.
A good remedy for coughing are herbs. Reception through the day of chest and urological fees for 5-7 days will help get rid of cough.
With prolonged coughing, it is necessary to quit bad habits - alcohol and especially smoking, since nicotine causes bronchospasm, which contributes to constant coughing.
Positive emotions have a beneficial effect on the entire body.