How to swim?

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How to swim?

Swimming is useful for everyone. It develops our body, gives it vital energy and improves muscle tone of the body. Let's try to figure out how to swim properly, and what it means correctly.

How to learn how to swim

This is a good question that can only arise from a person seeking to achieve tangible success in swimming. You can learn to swim both independently and under the guidance of a coach. The second option of training is thought to us more preferable. The fact is that the coach can teach you the basics that you need to use when swimming. Without a good foundation you cannot build a house. This principle applies to swimming. By learning yourself, you can start doing something wrong. This abnormal movement will be quickly remembered by the muscles, which will adversely affect swimming techniques. You need to train yourself to learn first the basics of activity, and then everything else.

As in any case, in swimming, most importantly, technology. Technique is the correctness of the movements.A person is spoken of as a technical swimmer in the case when he can swim without straining his body. Thus, the technique is the correctness of movements and not the intensity of their implementation. When swimming, you need to remember that the body has a mass, and therefore it is necessary to keep it on the surface of the water. In salt waters, the body will hold itself. If you do not feel confident in the water, then you do not need to swim at depth. It will not lead to anything good. Swim so that you can get your feet to the bottom of a pond or pool. When you feel more confident, you can go to deeper swimming places.

How to swim crawl

Here are some tips you can use when swimming a crawl.

  • When swimming in a crawl on the chest, the body must lie flat on the surface of the water in a horizontal position. The face is lowered into the water. In order to inhale, you must turn your face to the side.
  • It should be noted that the main driving force during the crawl swimming is concentrated in the hands. The starting position is an outstretched arm forward. Lower arm down freely. Bend it a little at the elbow.The brush runs parallel to the body at the level of its middle.
  • The movement of the hand gradually accelerates to the middle phase of the movement. The paddle should be finished at the hip with the arm fully extended. In order to make the stroke more efficient, you need to put your fingers together and slightly bend them. After completion of the stroke, the hand is gently removed from the water.

Various recommendations on the video will help you quickly learn how to swim: how to swim properly: how to breathe, move in water and under water.

How to swim underwater

The main problem of swimming under water is rather psychological. Many are afraid to open their eyes under water, although it must be done. How then do we navigate the water? Special underwater glasses will help here. By the way, no professional swimmer can do without such glasses. Even swimming on the surface of the water requires lowering the head into the water. It is necessary to acquire very good and high-quality underwater glasses so that water does not get into the eyes during the voyage. Start your swim test underwater in the pool. It is pretty light and there are no obstacles and objects that can injure your body.In the water, as you know, there can be anything. In some reservoirs, the water is very dark, so you can stumble on a stone, while receiving bodily injuries. You do not need to do this, because all your desire to learn to swim under water will disappear immediately. Also, do not forget that you need to know how to breathe properly underwater and hold your breath if you are going to dive without a mask and scuba gear.

How to swim in the pool

It is no secret that the pool in many respects differs in its properties from open natural reservoirs. The quality and transparency of water, special acoustics and lighting of the room. Usually, the pool is very limited in size and you can not swim for a long time in a straight line. In the pool to swim, using special tracks for this. These tracks are usually marked with buoys. Depending on the size of the pool, you can calculate the exact distance that you can cover. In the pool, you must have on yourself in addition to swimming trunks, of course, a special cap. Also, underwater goggles can be useful to you for swimming in the pool.

Here are the main points you need to know in order to swim well.The main thing in sailing, as in any other business, is practice. Want to swim well and fast? Swim every day under the guidance of a good coach.