How to think less?

Modern man throughout the day is in constant mental activity. Even at night, we sometimes are simply unable to disconnect from our own thoughts. The fact is that not everyone knows how to simply start thinking less.

Wise men and philosophers have accumulated knowledge about this for centuries. In this you can help the integral practices of Sri Aurobindo.

Abstracts of Sri Aurobindo

  • A mind that is not in a state of meditation or complete silence is always active and initiates interaction. Participants in this interaction are: own thoughts, projects, other people, objects or conversations. You must have noticed for yourself how the mind constantly jumps from thought to thought when you just drive, communicate with a friend or cook dinner. As a result, constant noise keeps us from hearing the truth;
  • Silence is considered a positive calm that exists despite superficial disturbances. This means that you must strive for silence within yourself, even when outside you are subjected to constant stress;
  • Silence implies the absence of any thought movements or other vibrations of activity. If you want to think less, then you must be silent not only physically, but also mentally;
  • It should be borne in mind that, although a calm environment is desirable, inner calm will be a priority. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to be calm and quiet;
  • The ability to remain silent, faced with what you do not know, is most useful for development. At such moments, you discover new facets of the self. At the same time, silence should be maintained not only externally but also internally;
  • Devastation and tranquility, free from all worries, thoughts about people and things, is not a bad sign or an undesirable state. Moreover, in many yogis, this state is considered to be desirable and even advanced. This state helps to break free from the worldly;
  • Only when your mind is completely silent and pure, all your activity, all formations and words will become pure in essence. This is what you should strive for if you want to achieve a state of complete harmony of your own personality.

The possibilities of integral yoga are unlimited.If you seriously immerse yourself in self-improvement, you will be able to achieve changes in your own appearance, nirvana, develop magical abilities, clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. The following are tips for achieving virtually any goal.

Tips for achieving the goal

  1. It is necessary to realize that yoga is not a field for intellectual arguments or reasoning. The practice described cannot be considered a logical exercise that leads to a correct understanding of yoga or following it. Yoga is not a field of mental activity.
  2. To clear your mind of thoughts, you need to start with concentration on one point. That is, you should start with some real object, which you will continuously watch for a certain amount of time. Then this item will change in a mental way. But it is important that this mental image does not have a substitution.
  3. As soon as you learn to concentrate in this way and think less, you will begin to feel not only clarity in your head, but also lightness in your whole body.

This practice is used by people around the world. If you really set a goal, you will definitely learn to think and control less your mental activity.And closely practicing integral yoga, you will achieve a higher level of development.

Not always a person can afford to think less. Sometimes, on the contrary, you should concentrate on the problem as much as possible and reason sensibly.