How to tie a fly?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
October 28, 2014
How to tie a fly?

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How to tie a fly?

Fly fishermen called artificial bait for predatory fish. The fly is knitted from threads of varying strength, from woods and many other scrap materials in order to attract the attention of the prey. You can read about how to knit quality flies on your own in our article How to Knit Flies. Now let's talk about how to tie a fly to a fishing line in order to get a good catch.

Tying fly

Spinningists tie flies on additional side leashes. That is, not on the main line on which the hook is located, but on the side lines that are tied 10-15 cm above the hook. The length of such leads is also 10-15 cm.

A popular and durable knot used for tying flies is called "improved clinch". It is tied up as follows:

  1. We pass the line in the ear of the fly.
  2. Wrap the free end of the fishing line around the end that is associated with spinning.Enough 8-10 turns.
  3. We pass the free end of the fishing line in the loop closest to the eyelet.
  4. Now we pass the free end into the big loop that was formed during the third action.
  5. We moisten the knot and slowly tighten it.

Now you know how to tie a fly.