How to tie a sleeve?

The most important condition for knitting the sleeves that professional knitters are guided by is that the sleeve created in the product must support its overall style. Before you get acquainted with how to tie a sleeve, you should determine what types of sleeves are. In fact, it does not make any sense to list the varieties of the sleeves, they can be anything: straight, narrowed or flared to the bottom, short or long, and so on.

On the needles you can do absolutely any kind of sleeve that is found in sewing. How to knit a sleeve with needles can be found by reading the instructions attached to each specific product model.

Also, it’s not at all difficult to crochet a sleeve if you already know how to make it with knitting needles. Crocheting a sleeve from top to bottom looks like this: you sew shoulder seams at the back and front of the product. In the central part of the shoulder type the average 10 - 20 loops (depending on the density of the canvas) and begin to knit. And, in each front (second) row, pick up on each side one edge loop of the armhole.

In the case when there are too many loops of the sleeves, the fence can be produced through one loop.View photos of the sleeves crocheted in this way you can.

Bolero Sleeve

In order to independently knit the bolero sleeves, the needles and the hook will be equally useful to you. However, you can do with some one "tool." Note: when knitting this product, it is important that the edges are rounded, but how much - you decide yourself by manipulating the length and width.

For knitting a bolero, you will certainly need:

  1. Knitting needles (sometimes a hook);
  2. one or more types of yarn;
  3. pattern.

The bolero is knitted by means of straight and reverse rows of pearl patterns using circular needles. Next, the extreme loops are lifted and the elastic is knitted in a circle.

You can view models, get acquainted with various bolero knitting techniques, which are also supported by the image, on. To get inspiration by viewing the original, surprisingly luxurious, tender, seductive, status and elegant bolero, go for this.

How to tie a bat sleeve

The peculiarity of the “bat” sleeve is that it is a single piece, and not an embedded part of the product.As you knit in front of a sweater or back, you just need to add a loop. To make it easier to understand what it looks like, imagine a sweater pattern. When you dissolve the side seams of the product and the seams of the sleeve, while leaving the shoulder seams stitched together, you will get a kind of cross with a neck hole in the center. Here is something similar and you should have at the end of the work.

You need to start to knit with a set of loops of the sleeves, and you must add loops as intended in the model. Then, continuously, at the selected stage, type loops for the back and front (such a move is a union of loops, forming the back length, sleeve width and front length). Then you just need to knit, knit, cut the neck (just close the loop in the center), and then do the same for the second sleeve (but diminish the loop).

The more interesting is the sweater with the bat sleeves, the more effective it looks.

How to tie a sleeve flashlight

For a fluffy and strong sleeve that fits snugly to the arm, a flashlight, cuffs are knitted with an elastic band. Begin to "collect" cuffs should be below: in the same row in order add loops, increasing their number about 4 times.Then exactly knit the required length. For the correct okat, be sure to use the pattern. After steaming, sew the sleeve to the model by gently squashing. Do not use a soft thread, otherwise the sleeve will hang, and you will have to forget about the flashlight effect. If it so happens, the so-called “Wing” will help to correct the situation, which is additionally sewn to the seam from the inside. It is better to cut this product out of a duplicate, and then, after gathering a few wrinkles, gently attach the sleeves to the waist at the junction with the shoulder. With such cunning your "flashlight" will never fall.

Understanding how to tie a raglan sleeve will be easy and simple for anyone who has read more detailed information and will see original photos of this amazing piece of clothing on the page.

Read the instructions knitting raglan sweaters for your beloved cat, it is worth it.