How to replenish Qiwi wallet?

Oksana Rud
Oksana Rud
April 23, 2013
How to replenish Qiwi wallet?

Nowadays, QIWI wallet is a universal and convenient tool for paying for any goods, as well as various services, for example: utilities, Internet, IP-telephony. It is possible to replenish the balance of mobile phones, purchase tickets for train and plane, repay loans, make calls from mobile phones all over the world. Anyone who uses the QIWI wallet can transfer money to the other participants in this system.

There are a large number of options on how to replenish a Qiwi wallet: many banks provide their ATMs, the QIWI system has its terminals, you can use Internet banking and a bank card (any country, not only the US, communication salons, replenish using the money transfer system and Unistream.

It is convenient to replenish QIWI wallet using the terminals of this system. They are quite well branched and available in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

Replenish the wallet through the QIWI terminal, when the replenishment is more than 500 rubles, you can without a fee. If the amount is less than 500 rubles - 3% commission:

  • Choose the menu “Payment for services” (not the Qiwi Wallet menu!)
  • Choose menu "Electronic money"
  • Choose a kiwi wallet
  • Enter the number of kiwi wallet
  • Enter comments (optional)
  • Confirm the correctness of your entered data
  • Deposit money into the terminal

How to transfer to a wallet kiwi

  • The users of QIWI Wallet have the opportunity to transfer funds without commission to other users, resorting to the services of KIWI Bank.
  • Money can be transferred using WebMoney. To do this, you need to refill a mobile phone that is tied to a Qiwi-wallet. In this case, the standard WebMoney payment system is used. As a rule, performing this operation, commissions are not taken.
  • You can transfer funds by registering with Vkontakte. Refill your account using WebMoney. Electronic currency must have access to your account.

In conclusion, we can say that we live in a time when information and payment technologies are rapidly developing. There is a great opportunity to learn and use these technologies for your own benefit. Having knowledge in this area, your life and your business will be a success!