How to transfer money to the card?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
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How to transfer money to the card?

Plastic card has long been an attribute of modern life. We receive a salary on the card, with its help we pay for goods and services, and also transfer money to other accounts, if necessary. How to transfer money to your plastic card or someone else's? Carefully read the recommendations below and apply them in practice.

We go to the bank

The first thing that comes to mind is to come to any branch of the bank. A bank card specialist will ask you to show your passport and ask you to give your or someone else�s card number. Then you deposit the required amount of money and get a document confirming the transaction.

How to transfer money to my plastic card if I do not know its number yet? This happens, for example, if the card has already been ordered, but is not ready yet. Then the money can be transferred to your personal account. All details for transferring money are usually indicated in the bank printout, which you will be given to you when filling out the application for issuing a card.And in the copy of the application, which must also be issued, the number of the personal account you need is indicated.

ATM to help you

How to transfer money to the card in another way? Use the services of self-service devices, that is, ATMs. First of all, you should make sure that the ATM you have selected accepts cash, because not every one of them supports this feature. Depending on the particular ATM, the next steps to deposit money on the card may vary.

We give one of the most common methods of replenishing the balance. Insert the card into an ATM, and then select the �Deposit Account� or �Deposit Cash� option. Follow the further instructions, deposit the required amount and collect the check. In this way, you replenish the balance of your own card, and if you need to transfer money from one card to another, then the function of a bill acceptor is not required. You can use the usual ATM.

Online Money Transfer

Well, we got to the last point. How to transfer money to the card using the Internet? This method of transferring money from one account to another is the most convenient, because you do not need to go anywhere, all payments and operations can be made without leaving your own computer.

On the website of your bank, enter your personal account and select the operation �Transfer to card�. After that, enter the number of the card from which the money will be debited, and then indicate the number of the card to which the funds will be transferred. Well, of course, note the amount of the amount. Further, you will need to confirm the operation and everything - the procedure is completed.

Please note that you can transfer money to the card using online wallets. You need to select the operation "Withdrawal", then simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the website of the payment system.

We told about all the main ways of transferring money to the card, choose the one that is most simple and convenient for you.