How to treat leukemia

Today, hematologists propose a complex therapy for the treatment of this pathology, including both prescribing and treatment methods that affect the cell - the source of the disease, and the use of supportive therapy designed to alleviate the symptoms of leukemia and the consequences of treatment. It is for the selection of the desired treatment program - the treatment protocol strictly specific for each type of leukemia - a thorough examination of patients is carried out, which includes both generally accepted methods used to diagnose various diseases and strictly specific ones used only in hematology departments.
The type of cell, which is the precursor of the tumor process, largely depends on the prognosis of the disease. So far, there are leukemias that are quite effective in chemotherapy treatment and rarely give complications after stabilization of the condition, and processes that require the use of several treatment protocols prone to the development of frequent relapses of the disease.The program of treatment of any leukemia itself can be divided into therapy, the purpose of which is to induce (induce) remission and therapy aimed at consolidating the achieved result.
Most often, chemotherapy drugs are assigned from different groups of drugs that have antitumor activity. These medicines are prescribed strictly in accordance with the treatment protocol developed in accordance with the WHO recommendations - some drugs are prescribed daily, some - on certain days of treatment. In addition, to fix the effect, it is possible to assign radiation therapy and irradiation of certain organs (tissues) with X-rays.
Also, blood transfusions are prescribed, the purpose of which is to compensate for the absence of certain types of cells affected by the disease or destroyed in the course of treatment. For the prevention of infectious complications have to use large doses of antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal drugs. Also appointed funds to compensate for violations in the activities of various organs and systems.
Currently, bone marrow or stem cell transplants are increasingly being used to treat leukemia.gravitational methods of blood surgery - the use of these methods significantly improves the prognosis of the disease. The most important thing in treating leukemia is to consult a hematologist in time.