How to treat the pancreas?

Diseases of the pancreas include chronic and acute pancreatitis (pancreatic fibrosis), fat necrosis, cancer, abscesses, cysts, diabetes. Let's look at how to treat the pancreas in every disease.

Acute pancreatitis

Occurs when the inflammation of the pancreas, the enzymes are not allocated, and begins the digestion of the tissues of the pancreas. The following symptoms are observed: squeezing in the upper half of the body, severe pain, and even vomiting. With these symptoms, you must call the doctors, and before they arrive, attach a bottle of cold water to the solar plexus area. It is also advised not to eat for several days.

Prevention of pancreatitis is primitively simple. It is necessary to exclude from food spicy, fatty, salty, as well as alcoholic beverages.

Pancreatic fibrosis

The disease is sluggish, there are no attacks of pain, sometimes the patient does not even know that he is sick. But chronic pancreatitis behaves insidiously, because if present, it can lead a patient to death in the very first attack of acute pancreatitis.Most often, this disease occurs in people who do not know the measures of alcohol.

Pancreas cancer

This disease is the sixth most common cancer. Cancer of this gland is more common in middle-aged and even older men. For his treatment resorted to surgery or other medical procedures, hormone therapy and bypass surgery. But a complete cure for pancreatic cancer is not yet possible.

Preventive measures are not yet known. Some link was observed between cancer of the gland and smoking. In addition, patients with chronic pancreatitis are at risk.

Pancreatic abscess

This is a symptom of chronic pancreatitis, when accumulations of intra-abdominal pus appear in the pancreas. It is treated with surgical interventions, as well as through drainage through the skin. Approximately 50% of patients with pancreatic abscess die.

Pancreatic Cysts

This is when limited capsules of fluid accumulation occur. They can be located in the surrounding pancreatic tissues, as well as in the gland itself.20% of such diseases are congenital, and the remaining 80% appear after pancreatic injury or acute pancreatitis. Remove cysts surgically.

Fat necrosis

This is the death of adipose tissue, it occurs due to injury of a particular area. This disease is manifested as a painless tumor, it cannot turn into a malignant tumor, but can simulate it.


Occurs when the pancreas secretes insufficient insulin. Chronic pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus closely border each other, and in 20�70% of patients with diabetes mellitus, chronic pancreatitis will develop over time. Treatment of diabetes is to diet and taking medication and insulin.


Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the gland. How to treat inflammation of the pancreas? It is necessary to switch to bed rest and not to eat for 2-3 days after the attack. After that, it is important to refrain from fatty foods and eat fractional, but often. Pain during an attack will help relieve Japanese sophora. The substances contained in it accelerate tissue regeneration and normalizes all processes in the pancreas.Decoction Sophora need to take three times a day before meals, a tablespoon.

What is the result? Most diseases of the pancreas can be avoided by following a simple diet: observe food moderation, do not abuse fatty, spicy, salty foods, as well as alcoholic beverages and nicotine.

Folk remedies

In addition, the pancreas can be treated with folk remedies. When pancreatic disease helps decoction of herbs that you need to properly prepare and take.

Also, the pancreas will help a decoction of eight herbs: wild rose, yarrow, peppermint, immortelle, corn silk, hypericum, valerian and fennel. In addition to the treatment of the gland, such a decoction will help clean the liver.

A gastroenterologist is a doctor treating the pancreas. If your stomach has started to hurt or your digestive tract is impaired, consult a specialist to prevent pancreatitis. Also watch your diet. Remember that it directly affects your body and overall well-being. A healthy diet is a healthy body.