How to upload to hosting?

Many people want to have a website, but not many people decide to create it on their own. It is much easier to contact any company engaged in the creation of websites, and, having paid the agreed amount, get a fully prepared and working website on the Internet.

For those who want to try their own strength in this not very difficult business, in this article we will describe how to upload a website to hosting, as well as related files to it.

There are two options for downloading and uploading files from a remote computer to a local disk and vice versa:

  • using HTTP - hypertext transfer protocol;
  • using FTP data transfer protocol.

To work with the FTP protocol, you need to establish a connection between the FTP client and the FTP server. And if you can run FTP clients from any personal computer, in order to access the site hosting on an FTP server, you need to buy from the server owner the disk space for which he will provide a login and password to log in or, in other words, pay for hosting site.

After paying for hosting you will receive an email with allnecessary to create a site data. Now we just need to figure out how to upload the files we need to the hosting.

To upload a website to a hosting service, you can use:

  • file manager in the interface of the Personal Cabinet;
  • special FTP client (Total Commander, FileZilla, SmartFTP, TurboFTP, etc.).

Consider the algorithm of working with some of the most popular of the listed clients with specific examples.

Instructions for working with Total Commander

  1. and run the program.
  2. Find and click the FTP button - you will see the server connection window.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. In the window that opens, specify any connection name.
  5. In the "Server [Port]" column, enter the address of the FTP server that came to your email after paying for hosting.
  6. In the Account and Password, enter the username and password that came in the same letter.
  7. Put a tick in the column "Passive exchange mode" and click "OK".
  8. You will be returned to the previous dialog box. In the Connect To list, find the name of the connection you created and click the Connect button.
  9. After the connection is established, all you have to do is drag the files you need from any folder on your computer into the Total Commander program window.

FileZilla - upload free

  1. Download and install on your personal computer.
  2. Start the FTP client.
  3. In the left local panel, select the folder in which the files for your site are located.
  4. On the toolbar, click File - Site Manager.
  5. Click the New Site button.
  6. In the Host field, enter the name of your domain provided by the host.
  7. In the entry type column, select Request password.
  8. In the Account and Password, enter the login and password that came to your email after paying for hosting.
  9. Go to the Transmission Settings tab.
  10. Select the passive transfer mode and click the Connect button.
  11. The system will request a password. Enter your password and click OK.
  12. In the right, remote or server panel, open the folder "httpdocs".
  13. If you are creating a site from scratch, delete all files in the folder before uploading new ones.
  14. In the left local panel, select the documents you need for the site, right-click on them and select the action Upload to server.
  15. After the download is complete and when all the documents you need are moved, complete the work with the site by selecting the Server - Disconnect button in the Toolbar.

Download via My Account

Consider the algorithm of action on the example of a popular hosting:

  1. Log in, enter in the appropriate fields login and password, which were sent in a letter from the company;
  2. Select "File Manager" in the left menu;
  3. Create a separate folder for your site;
  4. In it create a folder with the name "public_html", if the archive with the site does not contain the corresponding;
  5. Under the title "File Manager", select one of the download options. "File - upload to server" is suitable for downloading single files, "Archiver - Download and unzip" - for batch shipments.