How to use antifungal nail polish

The toenails of the toes are most commonly affected by the fungus, but the fingernails are also susceptible to it. In a mild form, the disease changes their color, covers with stripes and spots, whereas in more severe cases the nail loses its luster, begins to thicken and deforms over time. Subsequently, the nail plate is destroyed along the edges and when the form is running, it completely atrophies, as a result of which it must be removed.
When the nail fungus, doctors often prescribe a combination drug therapy, consisting of the ingestion of fluconazole and other similar drugs, as well as applying special outdoor varnishes on the affected nails. The composition of antifungal varnishes usually include potent substances like amorolfine or ciclopirox - they have a pronounced antifungal effect and are part of the tablets, creams and other means to treat fungal infections.However, the most convenient for this purpose are precisely varnishes - they are easy to apply, dry quickly and permanently fixed on the nail plate.
Before applying antifungal varnish on the nails, they must be carefully processed using a disposable nail file that comes with it. It will remove all the affected areas of the nail plate and give it a slight roughness, due to which the lacquer is quickly absorbed into the surface of the nail and much more effectively affects the fungal infection.
Then you need to moisten the treated nails with alcohol, soaking them with a tampon, remove the previous layer of antifungal varnish and apply fresh. The use of this tool is advisable if the nail is affected by no more than two-thirds - more extensive lesions require removal of the nail, which will be much easier and more effective. Antifungal varnish should be applied every other day or several times a week until the fungus symptoms completely disappear. However, after this treatment should be extended for a few more weeks to prevent a possible recurrence. Antifungal varnishes are not recommended for children, as well as pregnant and lactating women.