How to watch 3D on TV?

3D TV in your home - a dream or a reality? For some, this is quite a common occurrence, and for others it is something new and unusual. In this article we will try to figure out how to watch 3d on TV and what is needed for this.

3D TV - what is it?

3D TV is a term that means displaying the technology with which television viewers watch movies and other video content in a stereoscopic effect. Due to this, the illusion of the third dimension and the depth of space is created.

The technology of transferring such an image looks like this: a 3D TV or a screen in a movie theater simultaneously shows two separate images of a scene. And one of these images is intended for the right eye, and the second for the left. Both full-size images occupy the entire screen and from that seem mixed with each other. If you look without special glasses, you get the feeling that in the first image objects are often repeated or slightly shifted to the side. And when viewers wear glasses, both pictures are perceived as a single 3D image.

In general, this whole technology is associated with a process called binocular vision.The fact is that in an adult human eyes are located 2.5 inches from each other, thanks to this, each eye sees objects at slightly different angles. When objects are shown from two different angles on a 3D TV screen, these images merge into a single image with the help of glasses, and as a result, an illusion of depth is created.

3D cinema at home?

And now let's see how to watch 3d on TV. Most likely, you are interested in the question - is it necessary for those who watch such a TV to wear glasses? Yes, of course, it is necessary, otherwise you will not see the 3D effect. Try to remove the glasses, what picture will appear before your eyes? The image will begin to be distorted, forked, it will be impossible to watch it in most cases. We have not yet invented such technologies that would allow simultaneously display three-dimensional and regular images on TV without using glasses.

So, how to watch 3D on TV? First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the existing formats of 3D images, namely: anaglyph, shutter and polarization viewing methods.

To view anaglyph method you will need: 3D glasses and any TV or monitor.The deep 3D image here is obtained by color filtering. The glasses have light filters, and therefore each eye will have its own filtered picture. The disadvantage of this method will be poor color reproduction, and quick tired eyes from different color perception of each eye.

Another way to view 3D movies involves buying a 3D TV or 3D player with the ability to support stereo. If you decide to watch a movie, you need to connect a USB storage device or hard disk to your 3D TV or player, and then select the 3D movie format in the settings. Well, special glasses, of course, you also need.

There are still ways to watch 3D movies in special stereo helmets, they are also called “virtual reality helmets”. True, it is necessary to recognize that from such devices more disadvantages than amenities. Some of them have only one video screen with a small resolution, but this does not allow creating a three-dimensional image. In addition, in many models there is no tracker that allows you to track the position of the head. That is, it may not be possible to control the movement by tilting the head.

Do I need a new TV?

How to watch 3D on TV, and do I need a new TV for this? All specialists will definitely answer you this question - yes, you need a new TV, since existing HD screens cannot be upgraded so that they support 3D formats using DirecTV, Blu-Ray and others. To watch 3D movies, the television must be able to receive a higher bandwidth signal (technically 120 Hz) so that it can display Blu-ray 3D, and older models can usually receive a low bandwidth signal (60 Hz or less).

In addition, for 3D films, various video processing, additional equipment, as well as the ability to transmit a signal to 3D glasses via infrared or via Bluetooth, are needed.

Having learned how to watch 3D on TV, now you can purchase this miracle of technology and enjoy watching 3D movies from the comfort of your own home.