How to wear pantyhose?

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How to wear pantyhose?

Tights can be both a subject of daily carrying, and addition to a festive image. The main thing - to choose the right.

How to choose tights

  1. There is a basic rule for choosing tights for clothes - they should not "cut" the color. For example, you have a light skirt and boots, and you put on black tights. This will not add harmony to the image as a whole, but will give the opposite effect.
  2. Remember about the occasion for which tights are chosen. For a business meeting - some for a romantic date - others. There are tights of universal, classic colors - they are almost always relevant.
  3. The density of tights is different, depending on the weather outside the window. In the warm season - up to 5-20 den, in the off season - 20-40, in the winter - from 50. Wool tights are also worn in the cold.

What to wear tights

With a little black dress fit the finest tights in black. This is the perfect combination.

What if you wear a business suit? Then different bright colors, patterns, mesh will not be appropriate. Tight black tights are also not an option.But the subtle flesh-colored thin tights will be optimal.

A casual look can be watered down with colored tights. Dark greens are suitable for full legs, like brown ones; owners of thin legs can afford more varied colors. It is important to properly combine bright tights with the rest of the clothes. For example, they successfully dilute a single color range, especially dark colors. You can choose tights of the same color with shoes - this bottom will look great. Or add an accessory that matches tights. They can also be in harmony with some pattern or pattern on clothes. In a word, you can beat the image very interesting.

Properly chosen tights will make you brighter and more feminine in any clothes.