Hydraulic platform and its advantages

What is a hydraulic platform and table for?

Hydraulic platforms and tables are versatile and safe devices that allow you to climb to a certain height, provided by the manufacturer. Most often, these lifts are used in production facilities, loaded warehouses, in car services and workshops.


  • Raising heavy parts and structures to a comfortable height for work;
  • Supply of products in the shops to the tape for transportation;
  • Perform work on loading and unloading products from vehicles;
  • Raising heavy objects to a certain height, which is limited by the technical characteristics of the device.

Difference between lifting platform and hydraulic table

A hydraulic platform is a device that allows heavy and bulky loads to be lifted to a considerable height, can be used as a freight elevator, lifting is carried out using hydraulics.

Hydraulic table - a device that allows you to lift small loads to a certain height, most often, not more than 1 meter. Its main task is to lift the load to a comfortable height to work with it.

There are two types of this device on the market: with a manual and electric lifting mechanism. Manual hydraulic table, in most cases, is presented in the form of a cart with wheels. Electric tables are rarely equipped with wheels, they are not mobile and, in most cases, are installed in a small recess, in order to be at the floor level in the lowered state.

Ordering a hydraulic platform and table

We provide stationary hydraulic platforms and tables that are powered from 380 volt mains. These devices are mounted in a recess in the floor in order to be flush with the floor in the lowered state. For raising and lowering a special control panel is used.

We sell hydraulic platforms and tables at affordable prices. This equipment will serve for many years, and will help to recoup all investments in a short time.Moreover, this lifting equipment has a lower cost than other warehouse lifts.