I do not know what to do anymore how to find friends if you don’t know how to even talk

I've already done everything but it's useless
Left without friends
Do what they want
to be angry
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Northern owlet
Northern owlet
Answered on March 25, 2015 14:55
Well, you and options)))) None fit! To find friends, you need to be friendly and friendly with others, sincerely interested in other people. Those. you need to start with yourself, and not wait for friends to fall on you from heaven. Choose who from the class is especially pleasant for you, try to start a conversation with this person more often, ask about his affairs, listen more - everyone likes to talk about himself. Help someone in a difficult case. And if you are angry, then no one wants to spend time with you.
Answered on March 25, 2015 15:05
Calm down, now we will understand everything. Do not choose any of the options. No friends at all sad; if you do everythingthat they want, then you will find not friends, but those who will simply be comfortable with you will be used by you; to be angry is also not necessary - it will not lead to anything good. Friendship comes naturally from communication. No need to invent something, adjust some situations to start communication. Pay attention to those who are near - at school, among neighbors, in the yard. At school, everything starts mostly with the condemnation of lessons, teachers, then you can ask who is interested in what, word for word, exchange contacts, go to visit each other. Sometimes smiles and "Hello, what's your name?" enough) If that. You tell me what exactly you can not, think about what you can do.