Hollywood will introduce rules for the filming of bed scenes

Sarah Jessica Parker will not mind if the new prohibition of actresses to completely strip out before the cameras will be included in the new rules for filming bed scenes. In a recent interview with People magazine, the star “Sex and the City” admitted that it was such a point in her own rider that helped her avoid sexual harassment. “The producers have always pressed me so that I agreed to play without clothes,” recalls the actress. - In the ultimatum stated that tomorrow at the shooting I will be filmed naked. But I categorically refused. My agent promised to send a car for me and buy plane tickets if someone will force me to do things that are unpleasant to me. ” Indeed, if you carefully watched the series “Sex and the City,” you must have noticed that we have never seen Carrie Bradshaw naked. Miranda Hobbs undressed in front of the camera, Charlotte York - also, it’s not worth talking about Samantha Jones.But Carrie - not once.