Registration for “Total dictation” opened in Volgograd

The literacy check will take place on April 16, 2016. Our city will support the All-Russian educational action for the fifth time. Write "Total dictation" and voluntarily test their knowledge this year will be in the Volgograd Regional Library named after Gorky, Volgograd Technological College and Volgograd State University. In total, there are more than 1,500 sites around the world.
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You can register for participation in the dictation on the buried site today from 20.00 on the website of the organizers of the action

Recall that the “Total dictation” is a large-scale action that has been held for 12 years and has embraced not only Russia, but also the countries of Europe, Asia, and America. Every year more and more participants join it, who are striving to find out their literacy level in the Russian language and improve it. Restrictions on gender, age and social status does not exist.

Interestingly, the author of the text for “Total Dictation” this year will be a children's writer, poet, playwright and screenwriter Andrei Usachev. But those who want to test their literacy should not be deceived: the text of the dictation will be more difficult than the traditional works of the author and will include all the basic rules of the Russian language. According to tradition, the first part of the text “Total dictation” will be written by participants of the action in the Far East, in Eastern Siberia and in foreign countries of the same time zone. The second part is dictated by the Urals and Western Siberia. And the third part will be written in the European part of Russia, Europe and America. Also participate in the total dictation can be online.

Experts with a high level of literacy will check the work: university teachers, teachers of schools and gymnasiums, library staff, and also senior students under the supervision of teachers.

Everyone wants to prepare for the dictation in Volgograd at the meeting of the Russian Language for All club in the Volgograd Gorky Library. In addition, you can improve your literacy on online and offline courses and Russian language sites on the Internet.

By the way, last year "Total dictation" was written by 108 thousand people. It is expected that this year the number of participants will be more than 150 thousand.