Incredible transformation: new furniture from old drawers of a dresser

Good old chest could serve your family for decades. Unfortunately, everything ends sooner or later. In the case when the damage touched the outer part of the dresser, and the drawers are still in excellent condition, you can start an interesting project for the alteration of furniture.

First, make a detailed inventory: you should carefully examine the dresser to decide which parts you can use. Sometimes it will be necessary not only the shelves themselves, but also some parts of the furniture, legs and even well-preserved wood. Further - cleaning from dust and dirt, and, if necessary - painting. If you like the shape of the pens, but they have lost their former shine - boldly cover them with paint along with the wood.

Shelves of unusual design

Great idea for a rental apartment or cottage. Place the drawers vertically to make high wall shelves.You can add a couple of bars to increase the usable area. This unusual piece of furniture will look great in the house and in the yard.

You can reduce the depth of the shelves and fix them on the wall. This option will make room in the room, saving her from a bulky piece of furniture.

You can equip shelves ordinary step-ladder. Build a kind of ladder, making boxes of different depths.

Stools and ottomans

If there is enough storage space in your home, build a cozy armchair or a small ottoman from the drawer. Such objects are not superfluous. If there is no space in the house, place them in the garden.