Is it normal to talk to yourself?

Talking with yourself is an adequate phenomenon if they look like a monologue within themselves. In addition, the norm is a conversation with yourself publicly, if such a monologue helps coordinate its own actions, helps to cope with emotions. The inner voice is an important helper, it gives a chance to put thoughts in order, plan actions, look for things.

Scientists believe that a person speaks to himself 70% of the time. If the person informs himself something out loud, then this is evidence of meeting an unusual task or finding things.

Conduct an experiment. Internal dialogue help

Researchers started an experiment to find out how a monologue helps to find lost things. Volunteers were divided into 2 parts. One group was looking for a thing, thinking out loud, and the other - silently.

The results surprised. The first group found the lost sooner than the second. This study proves that internal conversation helps to correctly perceive and understand the data, accelerates the functioning of the brain.

Is it normal to talk to yourself?

Where does systematic conversation with oneself come from, for what reason is the voice inside us exactly like that? Like other factors of the formation of personality, it is formed at an early age. It is upbringing that affects our consciousness and internal dialogues. If you constantly hear in your own address insults that characterize you as lazy clumsy, then the voice inside will only express insults. Such children become pessimists, aggressive or apathetic.

Talking to yourself will help you find the lost thing, understand the difficult problem, make the right choice.

If the parents made such a mistake, then do not fall into despair. Everyone can help themselves. If you work on yourself, then sooner or later you will hear an exclamation inside: "I am a good fellow." Researchers express an opinion about the primary inner voice. In 70% of cases, the inner “person” is the one who carries criticism and negative in life. For a positive result, try to change it, subordinate yourself. Imagine all the accusations as a cute animal or too pretentious person. If you focus on the style of conversation inside, it will distract from the essence of the phrases, they will not so offend your personality.

Then learn to “turn off” the internal dialogue if it is a hindrance.This is difficult, but training will make the task easier: concentrate on several points at once, try to keep 3 things in view, perceive 3 sounds around. Such workload “drown out” the conversation inside.

If your inner "resident" loves you, then he helps in the execution of plans. And turning it off often helps not only in relationships (a voice that talks about problems and past failures, often spoils romance and sex), but also in work.

Remember, talking to yourself should support the person in everything, not to cause panic, not to distract from important thoughts and moments.

Self talk. Signs of psychosis

If a person talks to himself and does not wait for an answer, then this is often an early sign of psychosis - schizophrenia. If you just mumble something - this is not always a sign of such a disease. But laughter and long conversations in conjunction with other deviations in behavior (isolation, hallucinations) require the immediate consultation of the doctor.

Conversations with yourself as a mental disorder are easily discerned. A person in a similar state is disconnected from everything, he is not interested in communication with other people.

The most typical symptom of psychosis is hallucinations. This is an incorrect perception of reality in one of the sensory categories. In this case, there are no external stimuli in life, but a person hears, sees or feels something. Such phenomena appear at the moment between awakening and sleep, in an unconscious state, in delirium tremens, with severe exhaustion. Another reason is hypnosis. Most often hallucinations turn out to be visual.

Is it normal to talk to yourself?

Clear hallucinations are a symptom of schizophrenia. When one of the varieties of this disease, people are sure that they hear orders from the inner voice or voices from the outside, they obey, are protected or go to suicide.

But it is not necessary, in spite of the often occurring opinion, to assume that schizophrenia is the same as personality disorders in the form of a split, when a person also conducts conversations with himself.