Can I have sex in menstruation?

Anastasia Shostak
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The question of sex during menstruation usually arises in all couples, especially those who have a stable long-term relationship. The answer to the question of whether you can have sex in menstruation is ambiguous, because intimate relationships during menstruation have both disadvantages and pros. Such sex attracts some men with its prohibitiveness, and women have little chance of getting pregnant, but there are also flaws in it. So, is it possible to have sex during menstruation or not.

Cons of intimate life during menstruation

The main disadvantage of sex during menstruation is a very high risk of infection, with both partners. This is explained very simply, because blood is an excellent breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. In such conditions, bacteria multiply much faster than in a clean vagina. During menstruation, the cervix is ajar, which means that the infection can very easily penetrate the uterus, and it must be sterile.In addition, the contents of the vagina can enter the partner's urethra, and this will cause inflammation there.

This all means that if you do not have a regular partner in whom you are absolutely sure, then we advise you to refrain from sexual contact on such days. If you have any problems (recurrent colpitis, bacterial vaginosis or thrush) this is also a good reason to abstain from sex on critical days. The next minus is religious beliefs. So, Jews should refrain from intimate relationships, not only during the menstruation itself, but also during the seven days after it ends.

Many people are very unpleasant blood stains on their bed. To discharge a little less, it is best to make love in the pose of "man on top." Pre-spread a clean towel and keep wet wipes near you.

Benefits of intercourse during menstruation

It is surprising that even during menstruation, such an occupation as sex also has its advantages. You can have sex during menstruation, because if a woman experiences an orgasm after intercourse, then this can relieve irritability, reduce pain.Spasms during orgasm push fluid out of the uterus, reduce swelling, therefore, the pain will pass. Sex can be during menstruation, but not often.

Some women during menstruation, during intercourse, have very vivid sensations. This is explained by the fact that the vagina, in the first place, is well hydrated, in the second place, the blood flow to the genitals increases, the vagina swells and as a result, it becomes more sensitive and narrower.

So, the answer to the question of whether sex during menstruation is a personal matter for each girl, because you can weigh the pros and cons independently. In this situation, everyone for himself can decide what to do and what not.