Is it possible to lose weight on a Hollywood diet?

Many people admire the chic appearance of the stars and their seductive forms. Few people will say that Nicole Kidman, for example, has long been over 40, and after all she looks like barely 35. The secret lies not so much in proper care with the help of cosmetics, as in the diet and regular exercise. To achieve cherished parameters, Nicole Kidman and other film stars, such as Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones, often use the Hollywood diet, noting for herself her quick and lasting result.

Slenderness for 2 weeks

You will not have to exhaust yourself with prolonged fasting, because the duration of a “Hollywood” is only 14 days. Its basis - reducing the total caloric intake of food. Approximate rate per day is only 600-700 kcal. And the basic rules are:

  1. The basis will be foods rich in protein - meat, fish, eggs, as well as fruits containing large amounts of fiber.
  2. Salt and sugar will have to be abandoned, even for sugar, which is part of the products.
  3. Alcohol is a taboo, because it is he who contributes to an increase in appetite.But water and tea can be drunk a lot, 1.5-2 liters will help the body maintain water balance.
  4. For the entire time of the Hollywood weight loss system, you need to cancel breakfasts (if you need to lose weight quickly) or have nothing but ½ grapefruit and sugar-free green tea.
  5. Cooking can only be steamed, boiled and baked, but not fried. The use of any oil is prohibited.

The results are really amazing, already in the first week you will be able to lose about 6 kg in total.

Approximate diet

The original Hollywood diet is an unbalanced, but very tasty food system, which is very popular with the stars. After all, you can enjoy such favorite delicacies like oysters or pineapples. But for our conditions, the diet was slightly adjusted, because the same oysters (fresh and tasty) are either not affordable for everyone, or their freshness leaves much to be desired.

This menu is quite acceptable for our women, and all products are absolutely available.

Day 1.

Lunch: quail eggs - 2 pieces, tomato - 1 piece, black coffee - 1 h.

Dinner: egg - 1 pc, vegetables, grapefruit - 1 pc.

Day 2

Lunch: egg - 1 pc, grapefruit - 1 pc, green tea - 1 h.

Dinner: a portion of low-fat beef (boiled) - 200 g, fresh cucumber - 1 pc, coffee.

Day 3

Lunch: egg - 1 pc, tomato - 1 pc, green tea.

Dinner: a piece of baked beef - 200 g, cucumber - 1 pc, coffee.

Day 4

Lunch: cucumber salad, whole grapefruit, coffee.

Supper: low-fat cottage cheese - 200 g, chicken egg - 1 piece, tea.

Day 5

Lunch: quail egg - 2 pieces, cabbage salad, coffee.

Dinner: a portion of baked or boiled lean fish - 200 grams, salad, tea.

Day 6

Lunch: fruit salad (apple, grapefruit, orange).

Dinner: beef meat - 200 g, cucumber - 1 pc, coffee.

Day 7

Lunch: boiled chicken meat - 200 g, green salad, whole orange, tea.

Dinner: fruit salad.

It is not recommended to increase the duration of the diet, because the imbalance of nutrition and its low calorie content will affect the general state of health, causing weakness, headaches and fatigue.

Repeat the "Hollywood" can be no more than 3 months.

The main advantage, of course, is that you can lose those extra pounds relatively quickly, and the rejection of salt, sugar and other products will help clean the body of toxins. But it is worth remembering that such experiments adversely affect the state of the immune system, so you need to supplement the diet with vitamins.

Reviews of ordinary women and even famous stars indicate that the results of the Hollywood diet will soon bring visible results, which means that after 2 weeks you will look slimmer and more confident in yourself.

Now the question of how to lose weight quickly, will not disturb you. Competently and wisely approach any food system aimed at reducing weight, and soon you will definitely get the expected result.

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