Is it possible to walk after vaccination?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
December 6, 2012
Is it possible to walk after vaccination?

Vaccination does not guarantee that the child will not get sick from the disease against which they vaccinate. But it significantly affects the course and outcome of the disease. Vaccinations are made for diseases, from the occurrence of which there are serious consequences and possible deaths. Vaccinated children can have these diseases, but in a mild form. Therefore, vaccination is indisputably important, everyone should know this. Many parents wonder if it is possible to walk after vaccination. Let's understand this in detail.

Principles of vaccination

Vaccinations are given only to healthy children. Also, this procedure is carried out according to the vaccination schedule. It takes into account such important factors as the list of diseases, the child's age and inoculation intervals.

The essence of vaccination is that the drug is injected into the body, containing very weakened cells of viruses with which the body must cope. At the same time it produces antibodies to this disease,and in later life the body will be protected from severe damage by these diseases.

Doctors do not just "prick" all on schedule. This is a process of individual approach. The child should be ready to take the vaccine. He must certainly be healthy for immunity to be in order. After the introduction of the vaccine, the body's immunity throws all its strength against viral cells. Therefore, the temperature rises and the general condition worsens. So is it possible to walk after vaccination?

In connection with the above, it is important to follow the recommendations of the pediatrician in the post-vaccination period.

  • Do not try new products;
  • do not contact with sick relatives;
  • do not bathe the baby;
  • don't go out.

Why is it important not to walk after grafting

Since immunity, as we have said, is aimed at fighting infection, walks can cause undesirable complications. After all, the slightest breeze can lead to the development of pneumonia and other serious diseases. Also on the street you may come to not quite healthy neighbors. And the immunity is busy, and it does not react to the danger that attacks the baby’s body. In this regard, in the first days, while the temperature keeps, which means the body is struggling with viral cells, it is better not to walk and bathe the baby, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Take care of your children and be healthy!