January superfoods: carambola, longan, lychee and rambutan


Stargazer, or the fruit of the tropics, hails from Southeast Asia. There they almost pray for a fruit (its cut looks like a yellow star, which, according to ancient beliefs and legends, symbolizes wealth and luck), and they eat the same way as we do our Antonovka and cucumbers. Yes, and to taste it does not differ from them.

January superfoods: carambola, longan, lychee and rambutan

Energy value

proteins - 1.1 g

fats - 0.3 grams

carbohydrate - 3.9 g

Total - 31 kcal


Carambola's crispy, juicy, fragrant pulp contains an impressive list of diverse nutritional values. In fairness, I note that both apples and cucumbers, as well as gooseberries related to them in terms of light tartness, are not at all inferior in this cannon, but when will they be fresh on the shelves? A carambola, here it is - bright, sweet and sour, with the scent of a blooming garden on the shelves is, and the price is quite sane.

In addition to the astronomically high content of vitamin C and low calorie content, mother nature endowed the fruit with fiber, which is known to prevent the absorption of bad LDL-cholesterol into the body.Dietary fibers, just like a mosquito net from urban dust and insects, protect the intestinal mucosa from toxic substances.

The starfruit contains a number of antioxidant compounds (antioxidants in everyday life): a total of 143 mg per 100 g. Together, they protect us from free radical pests. In addition, the fetus is a good source of B-vitamins, such as folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine (B6). Nature has not forgotten to pump over the carambola and minerals. Potassium, iron and zinc with phosphorus, among other things, reduce blood pressure and control the performance of the heart muscle. Whole fruit and carambola juice is used in traditional medicine as a diuretic and expectorant, so take notes.

How to choose and how to store a carambola

Choose the largest and most attractive fruit without bruises, bruises and scratches. Yellow or orange, because the green carambola is acidic and completely tasteless, because it was ripped off, apparently long before full maturation.

Ripe fruits, as a rule, are not stored for a long time in heat - they instantly turn black and dry, but they can be kept in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

But what about the carambola?

At home, the taste characteristics of carambola are exploited only in this way. Not only eaten raw, but also added to side dishes, salads, soups and soft drinks. The main thing is to remember that before use, an overseas fruit must be washed in running water, dried on paper towels, cut off the edges and sharp corners and cut across, into thin stars.

Longan, lychee and rambutan

There are in South Asia (and in Moscow supermarkets) three very strange types of fruit of the “soap berries” family. Longans, lychees and rambutans are very similar to each other: sweaty skin, elastic flesh inside and almond-shaped bone. The stone with the skin is inedible, but the juicy flesh, texture and taste reminiscent of grapes - very much so.


Longans - small elastic berries, hidden in a dense light brown skin; Litchi - bigger berries, covered with a thick rough peel. The largest of the trinity is the red hairy rambutans. The berries are easily separated from the peel, inside which hid an elastic juicy flesh, from a distance resembling the familiar grapes.

Each of these “exotics” is distinguished by its unique taste characteristic.Lychees in this trinity are the sweetest, fragrant and, probably, therefore, they are more expensive. Rambutans have a balanced and juicy taste. Longans are elastic - they go straight like seeds. You will buy a bunch and you will not notice how only skins and bones will remain on the table. And the degree of sweetness depends on the degree of ripeness, as is the case with bananas. It is considered more ripe not just a plucked longan, but one that has already lain for a couple of days on the counter. However, it should be borne in mind that at room temperature neither longan, nor rambutan, or even lychee (which, by the way, has the thickest skin) is not stored for longer than 3 days, in a refrigerator - 7–10.

In general, decide which exotic gift of nature is closer to you: longan, rambutan or lychee - everyone should try if possible.

Energy value

proteins - 1.31 g

fat - 0.1 g

carbohydrates - 14.04 g

Total - 60 calories


As noted above, the edible part of this trinity is not very different in appearance, so their nutritional value is also common, so we will praise all three in one fell swoop.


Rambutans, longans and lychees contain a great variety of vitamins and minerals, including manganese, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, as well as zinc, phosphorus and magnesium; large amounts of antioxidant vitamins A and C plus B-complex (niacin, riboflavin and B6).

The presence of a large amount of dietary fiber elastic "soap berries" can not boast - their strength is different, namely in ensuring the fight against infectious, viral and even oncological diseases. The presence of key antioxidant vitamins and polyphenolic compounds indicates that these fruits reduce the negative effects of toxins on the liver and the body as a whole. A significant amount of vitamin C (almost 100% of the daily norm per 100 g of ripe fruit) in the appendage to the antioxidant abilities of ascorbic acid strengthens immunity better than any powders and pills.

A wide range of trace elements, and in particular iron and potassium, helps to normalize blood pressure, which, in turn, is responsible for the distribution of oxygen, and with it energy. Before training, to eat a handful of other berries - the very thing. All the same iron and potassium provide a clear work of the heart muscle, reducing the possibility of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Recent studies have shown that regular consumption of these fruits normalizes the water-salt balance in the body, a violation of which translates into edema and nervous breakdowns.


In the homeland, these berries are used in cooking as actively as our grapes; Probably, they also drive wine.But my advice to you is not to experiment and try it in its pure form, so there will be more taste and benefit from them.

In order to enjoy the elastic pulp of overseas grapes, rinse them well, dry and peel, slightly cutting the pliable skin with a knife; longan can be opened and hands.

Use the benefits, but do not forget about the side effects, because these berries are not from our field, so do not abuse them, especially on the first day of exploring this gastronomic exotic.