Kanzashi Flowers from Satin Ribbons: Appliances for Beginners

If you master the technique of kanzashi from satin ribbons for beginners and develop skills in the future, you can create unique decorations that have no analogues all over the world. Delicate and beautiful flowers are sometimes difficult to distinguish from real, so natural they are obtained. These decorations are appropriate for celebrations, and also suitable for every day. Creating floral compositions from satin ribbons, you can successfully supplement the image and stand out among others.

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Roses for the kanzashi technique of satin ribbons for beginners

Among all the colors that only exist in the world, roses stand out favorably. They have no competitors, as they are considered to be the favorites of all the girls. Even a beginner with his own hands can make a beautiful flower according to the kanzashi technique of satin ribbons, because there is nothing difficult in its making.

Materials and tools

To make a kanzashi rose, you will need the following materials:

  • white satin ribbon (2,5x6 cm) - 28 pieces;
  • pink satin ribbon (2.5x6 cm) - 20 pieces;
  • dark green satin ribbon (2.5x10 cm) - 10 segments;
  • green rectangles made of felt (2.5x8.5 cm and 2x2.5 cm) - 2 pcs.

On a note! If you create not just a flower of Kanzash, but an ornament for your hair, you will additionally require an elastic band, hair clip or other accessory.

From the tools you will need scissors, glue, needle, thread, lighter, soldering iron. It is recommended to use transparent glue that is suitable for fabric.

Step-by-step master class

Satin ribbons of white and pink are taken as a basis. It is with them that the rose will turn out to be unusually tender and graceful. Before working it is important to carefully scorch all the edges with a lighter so that they do not fall apart. However, it is not necessary to overheat the material too much, because it may shrink and lose its attractive appearance.

Graceful and delicate roses from ribbons are easy to make, if you follow the step-by-step master class with a photo:

  1. When all segments of the required size are ready, you can start creating rose petals.To do this, bend the opposite corners of the rectangle down, as shown in the photo. To fasten the combined edges it is necessary to sing them with a cigarette lighter. Then again bend the corners, as in the picture. Scorch the edges again and press them to stick together.
  2. Make blanks from the remaining segments of satin ribbon. The result will be a large number of pink and white petals.
  3. For the manufacture of sharp leaves used green ribbon. First you need to bend it in half. After that, you need to walk along the diagonal with a hot soldering iron. As a result, it turns out to release two elements. Similarly, use all 10 segments of green satin ribbon.
  4. To make a rose, you must first make a bundle from one petal, as shown in the photo. Then you should gradually stick around the rest of the petals in a circle created bud.
  5. Make other roses in a similar way. The result should be one fully open flower and 4 buds. The technique of production is the same for everyone, but twice as many petals are used for the opened rose. In the middle you need to glue pink, and at the edges - white blanks.
  6. Small buds pasted in green satin envelopes. Attach elements of a different type under a large flower, imitating the sepal. Get such beautiful roses, as in the photo.
  7. The remaining green blanks are used as a basis for other elements of the kanzashi composition.
  8. Place on the prepared basis of rosebuds. Three small flowers to glue on one side, and another to fix from the other edge.
  9. In the center attach the largest flower.

That's all, kanzashi flowers from satin ribbons are ready. To fix the gum or hairpin, you need to additionally glue a piece of felt on the back of the product.

Simple flowers kanzashi do it yourself

Surely, every girl wants to look irresistible. Change your image for the better, make it more attractive will help products from satin ribbons Kanzash. Create cute rezinochki in the form of flowers is not difficult, even for beginners.

Materials and tools

To make two kanzashi flowers for beginners, it is worth preparing the following materials:

  • polka dot satin ribbon - 50 cm for one flower;
  • pebbles for the middle of the flower;
  • stamens as decorating elements;
  • a piece of felt;
  • mounting tape:
  • gum.

In addition, you will need standard tools used in the manufacture of kanzashi products: scissors, glue, ruler, lighter, and more.

On a note! For the manufacture of flowers in the style of kanzashi, you can use a satin ribbon of different colors.

Step-by-step master class

Step by step to make kanzashi flowers out of satin ribbon do it yourself with an easy master class with a photo:

  1. The width of the tape used should be about 1.5 cm. Measure 10 segments, the length of each is 5 cm. This is enough for the production of one flower. To make the second, you need to measure another 10 of the same segments.
  2. Bend each piece of satin ribbon at an angle of 90 degrees. How to do it correctly can be clearly seen in the photo below.
  3. One can judge whether it was right to bend the tape by the absence of protruding parts when joining opposite sides. If it was not possible to do it the first time, you should try again and do it until the desired result is obtained.
  4. Fold the sides of a beautiful accordion, as seen in the photo. The tips need to singe and seal the resulting crease.
  5. Total need to make 10 petals.
  6. Cut two pieces from felt. You can use a special template or draw a circle yourself. Make two notches on the felt blanks, as shown in the photo. Insert the tape through the holes. You can use rep white or another at your own discretion. To fix the fastening tape on the base well, it is recommended to drop a drop of glue on it, press and wait a few seconds.
  7. All parts of the product are ready. It remains only to collect them in the overall composition. First of all, you need to attach the petals to the base. Before you need to drop on every little glue. The first row consists of five petals.
  8. The remaining five petals need to glue the second row, placing them in a checkerboard pattern with the elements of the lower tier.
  9. Stick stamens, pebbles in the middle. Spread the petals.

On a note! To make the flower more gentle, it is recommended to use white stamens. To draw attention to the decoration and make it bright, it is worth dwelling on the elements of dark tones.

It turned out beautiful flowers, made by kanzashi technique.It will not take long to make them. Despite this, the decorations are beautiful and unusual.

Ideas for creativity

The basis of making flowers according to the kanzashi technique are two types of petals: sharp and round. By creating all sorts of variations of these elements, you can make completely different crafts. Sharp petals can be without or with a hole, and also any of the species can easily be made double or even triple.

In the presence of a rich imagination to make beautiful products for every taste is not difficult. And in order to get enough of new ideas for creativity, you should read the photo.

How to care for kanzashi flowers?

Flowers of satin ribbons require careful attitude. If they become dusty, their appearance becomes dull and untidy. That is why it is recommended to store kanzashi items in a box or box with a lid. To increase wear resistance, flowers can be coated with strong hold hairspray.

Handle products with the utmost care. No need to pull the individual elements, applying force, be long in the rain. It must be remembered that under the influence of moisture paint tapes may change.

The dust from the colors of satin ribbons is removed by hand washing, using shampoo.Powder used for such purposes is not recommended. You can remove dirt and dust in hard-to-reach places with a cotton swab.