Low self-esteem

Self-esteem seriously affects our lives, and more precisely on the formation of personality and a sense of happiness. A person will not be happy if he has self-confidence, or he has low self-esteem. Is it possible to enjoy life when you are constantly haunted by feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction with your personality?

The impact of self-esteem on life

Self-assessment is the method of personal perception, its own shortcomings and merits. If it is negative, it is a way to depressive states, we pay for it in depressed state, apathy, unwillingness to rejoice. And if it is too high, it leads to euphoria with fantastic plans, excessive demands and disappointments. The influence of self-esteem can be traced in all spheres of life:

Self-esteem can help realize plans, and can destroy. In any case, a balance is needed. Overestimate self-conceit is not useful.

  • career. It is difficult to imagine career growth if a person is embarrassed to talk about their own expectations;
  • self-realization. People with low self-esteem have questions like: “Am I worthy? From whereI have the skills for this? ";
  • sexuality and love: “True love is not available for such a gray mouse”;
  • relations. People think that they do a lot, or vice versa, they want too little.

If desired, the list lasts a long time, but the result is one - self-esteem affects our whole life and quality.

The reasons for low self-esteem

The reasons for the low self-esteem of a person are sought in childhood. Negative factors accumulate, they cause problems in adulthood, difficulties in relationships with people, inability to find a favorite business, and friends.

Low self-esteem

The situation in childhood is familiar to each person, when a child drops a plate or breaks it, and adults immediately scold him and say insulting words. Every adult person was small.

If you do not take into account the self-esteem, which is laid in childhood, then there is another dangerous example. In an adult person, self-esteem can at one moment fall “below the baseboard”. The reason for this is the negative events in life: financial loss, dismissal, failure for a long period of time. But not one reality affects a person’s self-esteem,serious factors include the type of temperament. Phlegmatic and sanguine persons do not suffer from low self-esteem, they have stability in this. But choleric people suffer from leaps of conceit.

How to increase self-esteem

So, you are confident in your understated self-esteem. Great that you noticed and admitted, wondering how to improve self-esteem. The road is not easy, but it will help you to change your own life and inner peace. The surroundings will open for you again, you will get what you deserve. You can not imagine how much interesting and wonderful is not available just because you are not confident in your abilities.

To get started, realize your own pros and cons. Convince yourself of your positive qualities, strong character traits, which will receive positive marks and respect.

Try to play a simple game with yourself: every day you need to do 3 things that bring satisfaction, make plans, implement them, live in a good mood. In the initial stages, you may need the help of a psychologist, but do not allow low self-esteem to become a hindrance and forbid you to ask for help.You have to overcome yourself, then fortune will turn to you, everything around will be filled with bright light and warmth.

Low self-esteem

Remember all your good luck, successful business and projects. Secure this feeling, do not be afraid to try it again. Understand the cause of failure, you should not assume that you are unavailable for major achievements and benefits. By all means find a person who will sincerely rejoice at your even small successes. They will be your parents, the second half, a loyal friend.

Highlight your own advantages, identify weaknesses. Do not dwell on the latter, because to improve self-esteem, it is important to understand that you deserve the best and can achieve heights in life.

If you see that someone close to you suffers from such a problem, it is important to provide support. Do not regret time talking, listen and understand his thoughts, praise for all the achievements, do not criticize him and do not compare with others. Remain a true close friend. People who have loving friends, never suffer from low self-esteem.

But before you start to fight for raising the self-esteem of other people, think about what is your goal? Do you understand to the endhow will a person change? What is your motivation to save the planet or help a person? You will be responsible for all events; sometimes there is a situation when a person does not appreciate the efforts directed at him.