Marry former husband

Marry former husbandFor each person, family is the main thing in life, but sometimes it is very difficult to preserve the family hearth. This is a troublesome daily work of both men and women. But, unfortunately, we all make mistakes that cannot be corrected, which makes it very painful for our own people. Sometimes marriages break up, but after a while the feelings do not fade, and people begin to realize that they were wrong and want to turn back the time. And they ask the question: “Shouldn't we get back together?”.

For some, return marriage is simply a second chance for a new life.

Advantages of reverse marriage

You have perfectly learned temper, partner habits. The children will not have the border of joy that father and mother will be together again.

You are already familiar with relatives and friends. Thinking over each step, you soberly see what the future development of relations is. The ability to start everything from scratch brings a "new" and refreshing relationship. Awareness of the reasons for the collapse of the first union makes it possible to strengthen the relationship and not make repeated mistakes.You already know how to find an approach to it, where to give in and remain silent, and where it is better to insist on your own.
Marry former husband

Cons of return marriage

Marry former husband

Do not expect that your ex-husband has changed. Habits scatter socks around the apartment, do not clean up the plates behind them or fold dirty laundry into the closet will not go anywhere. Do not think that after the time you have lived separately, your husband will be perfect and will begin to help you with cleaning the apartment, will do the dishes or find a common language with your mom. Humble yourselves and accept him as he is, if you have already decided to marry your ex-husband. Moreover, be prepared for the fact that during the time of separation your partner could have changed a lot, and not for the better. You do not know for sure how he lived without you.
It is clear that I was tired of loneliness, I want support and understanding, and you with childlike gullibility and naivety believe every word and promise of such a dear ex-husband. The first time you have everything is fine, you can say, like in a fairy tale.

Marry former husband

But, often, in a month or two the perfect man will evaporate somewhere, and everything returns to normal.
Never remember and reproach with past mistakes, if you managed to forgive, then forget about them and never come back to them. If the past offense will stand between you, nothing good will come of it.Do not demand more from him than he can give you, and be prepared for the fact that the relationship will not be the same.
If the cause of the divorce was the “beloved” mother-in-law, then she is not going anywhere, and you need to put up with her.

During the time lived apart, you have new habits, you have become independent of each other. You need to re-tweak, change your rules and learn to give in. It will be much more difficult than the first time, you will need to try hard.

Marry former husband

The success of the reunion depends on the mutual desire and sincerity of the feelings of both partners. Both are to blame for the breakdown of the family - it does not happen that “it is bad and I am good” Start with yourself, analyze your behavior - perhaps you were wrong in something, maybe you should change a little and reconsider your attitude towards your husband. Remember: there will not be another chance. If you have already decided to start everything from scratch, cross out the past and make this possible to maintain a strong real family.

According to statistics, return marriages in most cases are very successful and much stronger than the previous ones.