�Mary Truffle� on Kutuzovsky: a salon of beautiful wedding stories

When in 2013 Natalya Platonova and Alexandra Meteleva, the founders of the Mary Truffle, opened their first bridal salon, they planned to make it �not like everyone else�. So that the girls at the fitting were comfortable, so that the dresses on the hangers were special, and the choice of attire, and not just from the wedding itself, left the bride happy and vivid memories.

The first salon was small, just one fitting room. But the concept of a cozy atmospheric store, where the pleasure of preparing for the celebration of the bride get right from the doorway, came to taste of many newlyweds. So, by 2014, Mary Truffle opened a second salon, and by the summer of 2016 it became obvious that both stores could not cope with the influx of brides. The problem was solved by the opening of a large wedding salon on Kutuzov Avenue.

Wedding Salon

The new salon "Mary Truffle" - the largest in the capital. In it at the same time several brides can calmly measure dresses without interfering with each other.More than 2,000 models of wedding dresses by Russian designers and famous European fashion houses are displayed in the salon. The collections of Natalia Bovykina, Oksana Mukha, Natalya Romanova, Darya Carlozi, Tatiana Kaplun, Lanesta, Belfaso, Naviblue Bridal, Nora Naviano and Dream & Dress are presented in all styles: short, long ballroom, straight, in the style of princess, empire and mermaid. There are both classic models for urban celebrations, and dresses especially for sea, country and themed weddings.

Chamber entourage

We have been looking for suitable premises for a new salon for months. We proceeded from the principle that getting to the salon should be convenient both by car and by metro. Was important and the footage. Working in an �open format�, when all the dresses of the collection are hung in the sales area, you need to place all 2,000 models of clothes and leave room for fitting rooms. In addition, I really wanted to preserve the ambience of the entourage, so that the brides feel free and relaxed.

The issue of entourage chamber was decided by the podiums. There are 10 of them in the cabin. One is made royal - when it was designed, the designers used a little yellow color, creating a cheerful and sunny atmosphere.The remaining podiums solved in dark colors. Why in the dark? A dark background will never flatter a light dress. He emphasizes the color of the dress, emphasizes the image and clearly demonstrates all the features of the landing. You can immediately see where to remove, add or even replace.

Wedding Salon

To dress in the cabin you can immediately pick up the veil, shoes and jewelry. On the stands with accessories hundreds of jewelry in different styles, from classic to modern. And there are both costume jewelry and exclusive handmade items.

Comfortable atmosphere

Thinking through the interior design, we tried to make the situation as comfortable as possible. For this:

  • We posted on the walls of the cabin photos of our brides from Instagram. And we are pleased, and the girls at the fittings are always happy when they recognize their girlfriends in the photo.
  • Arranged a comfortable waiting area in front of the podiums. Bride waiting for relatives or friends on soft sofas. A little theatricality on such a special day doesn't hurt.
  • Next to the huge shop window a small cafe in Parisian style was made. Tea, coffee, tasty cocoa and fresh homemade cakes - all for free.

Wedding Salon

About the cafe is to say separately. Two small tables were specially placed in a corner with a view of the embankment, so that the bride would make a decision in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.After an exciting fitting, it is important not to rush to weigh the pros and cons, to discuss the purchase without haste. And it's better to do it with a cup of hot cocoa with sweets!

The new salon "Mary Truffle" was created to make every girl on her wedding day special. It is for this that we selected the most interesting and diverse models to the salon. They are already waiting for their brides! Sign up for a fitting and come to choose the wedding dress of your dreams.