Medicines at low prices near your home

In July, three new Zhivika pharmacies opened in Yekaterinburg.
Pharmacy "Zhivika" photo
Photo: pharmacy "Zhivika"

In search of the right medicine in Yekaterinburg, you can visit several pharmacies and not find what you need. Surely you are familiar with this situation firsthand. Another “sensitive” issue is the cost of drugs, which sometimes varies greatly.

We propose to use another way, recently more and more popular - to order medicines in an online pharmacy.

We choose a proven and reliable pharmacy chain with low prices, in which the possibility of the presence of fakes is excluded. It is important that pharmacies are located in different parts of the city and there are several of them - it will be more convenient to pick up an order.

These requirements are met by Zhivika pharmacy chain, which has been popular with residents of the Ural capital for many years due to low prices for medicines and professional services.

More than 100 pharmacies network opened in Yekaterinburg. In July, three new Zhivika pharmacies were opened at the following addresses:Victory, 53Tveritina, 19;Chelyuskintsev, 19.

Pharmacy "Zhivika" photo
Pharmacy "Zhivika" photo
Pharmacy "Zhivika" photo
Photo: pharmacy "Zhivika"
Photo: pharmacy "Zhivika"
Photo: pharmacy "Zhivika"

The high popularity of pharmacies allows you to keep low prices for medicines and sell many products almost at cost. Thus, in the Zhivika pharmacies in Yekaterinburg *, drugs are offered with regular discounts of up to 10%, and for limited assortment during the promotion period, the discount reaches 40%.

From July 16 to July 30, 2018, discounts on drugs up to 30% at the Zhivika pharmacy at ul. Tveritina, 19.

Kagocel, 12 mg, 10 tablets 185 rubles

Lizobakt, 30 lozenges, 199 rubles

Cardiomagnyl, 75 + 15.2 mg, 100 tablets p / about film, 165 rubles

Spazmalgon, 20 tablets, 109 rubles

Suprastin, 25 mg, 20 tablets, 95 rubles

Flucostat, 150 mg, 1 capsule, 149 rubles

More products at low prices.

From July 16 to July 30, 2018, discounts on drugs up to 40% at the Zhivika pharmacy at ul. Chelyuskintsev, 19.

No-shpa, 40 mg, 24 tablets, 75 rubles

Tantum Verde, spray for local use, 0.255 mg / dose, bottle of 30 ml, 195 rubles

Ergoferon, 20 lozenges, 219 rubles

Magne B6, 50 p / p tablets, 359 rubles

Smekta, powder for suspension for oral administration, 3 g, 10 sachets, vanilla flavor, 105 rubles

Geksoral, aerosol for local use, 0.2%, 40 ml bottle, 199 rubles

More products at low prices.

The assortment of the Zhivika pharmacy chain includes more than 17,000 products. Along with pills (for example, Kagocel, Analgin, Mezim Forte), orthopedic products, blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, diapers, milk formulas, baby food, dietary supplements, cosmetics La Roche Posei, Aven, Libriderm, Vichy ".

"Zhivika" collaborates with leading suppliers of drugs. All medicines come to the pharmacy from the warehouse of suppliers, have the necessary quality certificates, are stored in compliance with the temperature regimes and have a good shelf life.

Pharmacy "Zhivika" photo
Photo: Pharmacy "Zhivika"

What are the benefits of an online pharmacy?

Save time and money - you can check it yourself!

Imagine, at any time you can go to an online pharmacy"Zhivika"and with the help of a simple and convenient search to find the necessary medicine. Please note that there is complete information about the product: composition, instructions for use, as well as a filter by drug manufacturers. Next - a matter of a couple of minutes: choose a product and go to the basket. Here you will find out the availability of the selected product in pharmacies in your city and see the prices - from the lowest to the highest.Here is the expiration date of the goods - agree, convenient?

Thus, you can find and select a medicine at the lowest price with a long shelf life in your city in the Zhivika Internet Pharmacy and buy it at the pharmacy for the next 36 hours at a convenient time for you.

Attention!In addition to the online pharmacy"Zhivika"Online ordering can be made in the Zhivika mobile app for Android. Once is enough to download and install it on your phone.

* Compare pricesand come to the new pharmacy "Zhivika"in Yekaterinburg at the address: Pobedy, 53; Tveritina, 19; Chelyuskintsev, 19.

Pharmacies are open daily from 8:00 to 22:00 hours, without breaks and weekends.

Opening soon!

This summer, Zhivika pharmacies will be opened at the following addresses: Enthusiasts, 27 / Art. Bolsheviks, 30; Kuibyshev, 86/1; Komsomolskaya, 6; Sukholozhskaya, 4; Bardeen, 1; Michurin, 212; Borodin, 24; 40th anniversary of the Komsomol, 10; Bardeen, 25/2; Lunacharsky, 210b; Lunacharsky, 189; Bisertskaya, 133.