My classmates are "spoiled"

My classmates are already beginning to "spoil." Already started to smoke. What should I do or how can they be explained that this is not cool?
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Answered 19 September 2017 19:09
At this age, it is interesting to try the "forbidden fruit" and feel like "adults", so the girls and boys begin to smoke, drink, and start sexually early. This is a long-established public interest at that age. It's great that you don't think so. In fact, maturity is completely different, and all these things - just out of curiosity, spoil the health and lead to addictions, if not control them. In the end - the money spent and spoiled health. Adults resort to such habits not out of interest, but in order to relax, feel better, relax, and as a result alcohol and smoking become the norm for many people. At your age, this is still curiosity, until it is “involved”, and then addiction can develop. You can relax, feel adult and confident, enjoy life in completely safe and healthy ways, but for this you need to find other interests in life, to engage in self-development.And such adults also exist, they are becoming more and more, they are working on themselves and getting rid of bad habits, while remaining cool, confident, healthy, attractive and interesting. You cannot condemn and force them, but if you are not indifferent to this situation, just honestly talk to your friends and classmates, tell them that this is never cool and not an adult. Smoking or not smoking, drinking or not drinking is personal the choice of each, you can just talk to them, tell you that this is just curiosity and should not be repeated for everyone. Interest arises from the ban. What you will forbid - to that and will be pulled, so the person is arranged, especially when the person grows up and wants to feel "adult", therefore, wants and can try what was forbidden before by parents. This is what happens. Someone tries and draws in, acquiring habits, someone just tries out of interest and refuses, someone does not try at all.