Nicole Kidman explained the strange applause on the "Oscar"

The 89th Oscar ceremony was remembered not only by the tangled history of the winners, but also by the funny memes with Nicole Kidman, who applauded like a fur seal with fingers spread wide. Tired of the questions about what it was, the actress finally explained her eccentric manner of clapping at the Kyle and Jackie O radio show: as it turned out, it was in the massive ring of Harry Winston with a 13.58 carat diamond, which she rented and was very afraid to spoil. “Would I rather not applaud at all? "Nicole commented on the reaction of the tabloids to her applause. - Then the articles would come out with the headlines a la "Why does Nicole not applaud?" ". “I'm not ashamed of clapping,” the actress assured. "Besides, that evening there was a ring on me."