No socks and no razor: 11 gift ideas for February 23

The Day of Defender of the Fatherland is approaching, so you cannot do without a gift. And here we are faced with the main question: socks or a razor? Joke-joke! And we are well aware that, perhaps, the entire stock of ideas for original gifts you have already dried up. Nothing wrong. Here are 11 ideas for you to congratulate your beloved man to remember this day for a long time.

Idea number 1 - romantic

What about walks along the rivers and canals on Sapa - a special board, standing on your feet and driving special oars, can you, accompanied by an instructor, walk along the waterways of the city on the Neva? A very bold and incredibly interesting variant of outdoor activities, about which only a few know so far, which will be a big plus for an unusual gift. Of course, to implement it you have to wait for the season, but it's worth it.

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Idea number 2 - extreme

But in order to fly in the wind tunnel, you do not need to wait for the summer weather. After all, this can be done in a specially equipped place inside the building.This gift will especially appeal to those who love the sky, airplanes, skydiving and just new extreme sensations.

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Idea number 3 - nourishing

If your man is far from extreme, loves coziness, comfort, delicious food, you can invite him to a restaurant where you will cook all the dishes together under the guidance of a first-class chef. You can cook something that no one dares to do at home. A joint cooking process will add zest to this dish.

Idea number 4 - home

Setting the table is a very traditional way to celebrate a holiday. And if your man does not like material gifts or you want to congratulate older men - your fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or, on the contrary, brother - who recently served, then we offer you a “homemade” gift option. You can order a cake with a pattern, for example, the number of a military unit or a type of activity of troops and other significant places, moments from the life of your defenders.

Congratulate your beloved grandfather, restoring old photos in a beautiful binding with comments. This album will take pride of place in the house.Exactly the same option, but with fresh pictures, you can do for a recently served guy.

Idea number 5 - military

If your man has not served - it does not mean that he has nothing to do with this holiday, because in the end he is your personal, personal protector. If you want to make a “courageous” gift for your beloved one, collect his friends and arrange a paintball game for them.

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Idea number 6 - automotive

Order a test drive on luxury cars with a photo shoot. We assure, your man will not remain indifferent. And then he will brag about your gift in social networks.

Idea number 7 - cognitive

Those who cannot imagine their lives without the desire to learn, love history, their city and are ready to absorb new information, we can offer the option of unusual excursions to the buildings of our city, which are simply forbidden to enter. Whether it is a hike through the old foundation of our city, calling at residential apartments or places such as the tower of the Singer House - your man will be delighted.

Idea number 8 - useful

The subject of gift certificates is always relevant. But how to choose it so that it does not later become a bookmark for a book? For non-formals, you can purchase a gift certificate in the salon for a tattoo. For bookworms, of course, the coupon in the book.For motorists - a coupon for a full service car, for example, for a year.

Idea number 9 - relaxing

If for your man February 23 is the day when he can relax, give him this rest! Rent a house on the shore of the lake or the bay, arrange a barbecue, go fishing, after finding out the place of biting. Be sure to relax in the bath or sauna. Hot steam and invigorates and relaxes.

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Idea number 10 - detective

Fans of tickling nerves can be invited to take part in one of the quests where you can thoroughly pump your abilities, and your man will show himself as a real hero when he will save you from monsters, ghosts, or just hug you when you are scared.

Idea number 11 - the original

Or should we turn to the well-forgotten old? You remember superheroes from the 90s - Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Willis. Oh, what a man was ... a real colonel and a tough nut. Give your man "Die Hard" - a set of juicy, ripe fruit, crispy nuts and invigorating citrus fruits from "Lived-Grow." Beat the name, compare your defender of the Fatherland with the superhero.“Die Hard” is not just an original, but also an extremely useful gift. Take care of the health of the hero - he will appreciate this step. As they say, superhero is a super-gift!

Photo: "Lived-Rusty"
Photo: "Lived-Rusty"

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