Homemade Couscous Recipe

Homemade Couscous Recipe You will need - 1 stick of cinnamon; - 1 bay leaf; - 1 kilogram of semolina; - 1 teaspoon salt; - 1 ½ tablespoon flour; - 250 ml of vegetable oil. Instruction Pour about 250 ml of warm boiled water.

How to become a mystery

How to become a mystery? Wilhelmina November 4, 2014 As you know, men prefer women, in which there is some kind of mystery, a mystery. Such women always conquer, inspire men. They never get bored, because a woman cannot be completely solved a riddle.

When to pick mushrooms

When to pick mushrooms? Butterfly November 8, 2012 Fresh, gathered in a clean forest and cooked for dinner, delicious mushrooms - a pleasant and useful alternative to the already fed up mashed chicken and pasta with sausages. How to cook mushrooms is tasty, you.

How to cook meatballs

How to cook meatballs You will need Pasta with meatballs in pink sauce: 300 g tagliattels; 400 g ground beef; A glass of tomato juice; 3/4 cup of cream; 1 small onion; 1 egg; 3 cloves of garlic; fresh basil; dried herbs (parsley basil.

What is useful pepper

What is useful pepper? Anna Mikhailova October 20, 2014 Pepper is a vegetable used in the preparation of salads and various dishes. It is eaten, as a rule, because of its taste, and only a few include it in their diet because of its.

What is plastic

What is plastic? bysknop February 4, 2015 The term "plastic" has many meanings. In this article we will try to briefly consider what plastic is, and in what sense this word is used most often. Depending on the scope of the term is adjusted.

Why do tomatoes dream

Why dream of tomatoes? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Leonid Veselov ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������August 8, 2012 10235 Tomatoes - one of the kindest and most positive signs in a dream. Interpret in more detail why tomatoes dream of, you can, specifying the details of sleep. If you just saw.

Do you wear boots in winter

Asked September 7, 2017 at 10:13 pm in "" Do you wear boots in winter? I always preferred to wear high boots with good fur in winter. But lately, winters have become not so severe as to wear such warm shoes. Yes, and hard.

Where is Astana located

Where is Astana located? Ksenia Gaynulina April 2, 2015 On the map Astana Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan. A large city with an area of ​​200 square kilometers. Date of formation - 1832. Astana is rapidly developing and becoming more and more attractive.

How to create an id on the iPhone

How to create id on iphone? Andrey Kim October 8, 2014 Each iOS user needs an Apple ID, without which the user will not be able to either install the program on his gadget, make a purchase in the App Store, or communicate via.

What to take in the sauna

What to take in the sauna? Natalia Alexandrova April 9, 2012 Consider the minimum set - what to take in the sauna ... For personal hygiene: Towel or bed sheet. In order not to "pick up" skin diseases, before sitting on the benches and.

Sour cream for hair

Sour cream for hair This familiar, long and pleasant word "sour cream" for every compatriot is associated with a delicious and healthy food. Pancakes with sour cream, borsch with sour cream, just smeared with a spoon, like grandmother in the village in childhood. Most.

Do I need antivirus

Do I need an antivirus? At some point, while working on a computer, you notice that the machine has “something is wrong”: programs are loading slowly, restarting itself is on, extraneous windows are appearing, it is impossible to close the browser. There may be.

What is cargo

What is cargo? Anna Piskunova February 16, 2015 A large number of goods are still sold through maritime transport. As with any purchase and sale transaction, relevant documentation is required for transactions with goods. In the case of shipping there are special documents. One.

What can I give my sister

What can I give my sister? Who do you know better than anyone else than your sister? You grew up with her, you have a common family history and you probably have a lot in common in interests and preferences. However, even among brothers.

How to get rid of perfectionism

How to get rid of perfectionism How to get rid of perfectionism? If you are inclined to demand perfection from yourself, then it is quite likely that you will be attracted by people who are no less demanding, but express their claims much more.

Secrets of successful home sushi and rolls

Secrets of successful home sushi and rolls Sushi lovers do not necessarily go after them exclusively to specialized institutions. You can cook them yourself at home. There are a lot of recipes for homemade sushi, and almost every day some novelties are invented. But.

All your favorite flowers are in jewelery

All your favorite flowers are in jewelery. And what kind of flowers do you like to receive as a gift? Do your preferences change when it comes to floral jewelry, not a real bouquet? In this selection of jewelry with flowers, which we entirely.

Preparing for the exam in chemistry from scratch

Preparing for the exam in chemistry from scratch Unified State Exam on Chemistry in 2015 is not included in the number of mandatory state examinations. Usually this exam is taken by graduates who have long been determined in which university and what specialty they.

Delicious and sweet royal cheesecake

Delicious and sweet royal cheesecake Tea-drinking is an excellent occasion to gather at the table with friends and family, socialize and discuss pleasant matters. In England, the tradition, called "5 o’clock", has been unchanged for several centuries. Over a cup of flavored drink, the.

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