Who are hetero

Who are heterosexual? Angelina Ivanova April 23, 2012 37237 The topic of sexual orientation in our time is widely and freely discussed in all circles of the population. Today, many calmly declare their belonging to the group of sexual minorities. Well, one should not.

Painting Sovushki in the technique of nitcography

Painting "Owls" in the technique of nitcography Thread printing is an interesting technique of drawing with threads. Often, everyone draws with pencils, felt-tip pens and they make lines on a sheet of paper. In this technique, lines are formed after gluing the threads. Glue.

How to insulate the walls of the timber

How to insulate the walls of the timber Instruction There are two options for warming: indoor and outdoor. In fairness, it should be noted that for a wooden house internal insulation is undesirable, although possible. There are several reasons for this. First, the natural.

How to make a table in HTML

How to make a table in HTML? Anastasia Shostak 1 March 2013 Creating websites is hard to imagine without tables. Tables - the easiest way to accurately and accurately place information on the page. From here you can learn how to make a table.

Do you need wisdom teeth

Do you need wisdom teeth? Vadim Paly December 21, 2012 To answer this question is really not easy, but still. Do we really need wisdom teeth? The growth of these teeth in an average person begins at the age of 18-25, when the body.

How to send a beacon

How to send a beacon You will need Sim card, phone for a child, your phone Instruction Get your child a SIM card. Virtually all operators today offer children's fares. They are distinguished by loyal prices, a ban on access to the Internet, the.

How to treat a burn

How to treat a burn? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Olga Izvekova ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������March 6, 2013 15213 A burn is a local damage to the tissues of the body as a result of an external impact of traumatic factors. Allocate thermal burns, chemical and radiation. Depending on the.

Is vinegar harmful

Is vinegar harmful? Victoria Dmitrieva December 12, 2012 Vinegar - one of the oldest spices, whose history stands next to the appearance of wine. It consists of a set of acids, alcohols and esters. The main varieties of this spice are about a dozen.

How to make a toy

How to make a toy? Watch the video How to make a toy? Currently, store shelves offer a huge selection of soft toys. But, unfortunately, some of these toys can be made of tissues harmful to the child’s body. What to do in this.


Bactus A bactus is a Norwegian knitted scarf of irregular triangular shape, where one end is much longer than the other, and the legs are made with an uneven edge. Classic baktus knits on the needles, simple garter stitch. It is customary to perform.

The best varieties of shallots for growing in the garden

The best varieties of shallots for growing in the garden Shallots, description It is sweeter, does not hurt the eyes, does not leave breath odor. In addition, shallots are cold-resistant, and germinates even after frost. It grows nests of 5-20 bulbs, and not single.

Is it possible to walk after vaccination

Is it possible to walk after vaccination? Oksana Logunova December 6, 2012 Vaccination does not guarantee that the child will not get sick from the disease against which they vaccinate. But it significantly affects the course and outcome of the disease. Vaccinations are made.

Flower arrangement and cold porcelain

Flower arrangement and cold porcelain Do you do needlework and still have not tried to make floral arrangements in the technique of cold porcelain? It's time to fix it! To prepare cold porcelain you need: - 50 grams of starch; - 50 grams of.

The smallest countries in the world

The smallest countries in the world If you carefully consider the map of our world, then you can find a lot of countries on it - from the largest and most influential, to the very tiny ones that look more like a small town.

Test: Learn the book by three words

Test: Learn the book by three words Millions of people have written billions of books throughout the history of mankind. Since the level of literacy began to rise, people began to write and publish written works of art at the same speed as others.

Dove of Peace Paper Do-It-Yourself

Doodle peace dove from paper with your own hands A white dove is a symbol of peace on Earth - a bird, which, according to legend, once brought good news that the land is already close. After showing the children a master class on.

How to treat buns on the corners of the lips

How to treat buns on the corners of the lips You will need - Hypericum perforatum; - wild strawberry; - root devyasila; - pine sap; - Pharmaceutical drug "Vinyline". Instruction Fill a half-liter jar with fruit buds before the coat hangers and fill them.

Is it okay to talk to yourself?

Is it normal to talk to yourself? Talking with yourself is an adequate phenomenon if they look like a monologue within themselves. In addition, the norm is a conversation with yourself publicly, if such a monologue helps coordinate its own actions, helps to cope.

How to cure fungus on the legs

How to cure a fungus on the legs? Fungal lesions of the legs (mycoses) are of different types, but in all cases a person deals with an extremely unpleasant both in symptoms and in the external manifestation of the disease. Modern methods of treatment.

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