What to do if lost in the forest more often

What to do if lost in the forest more often Instruction Stay where you are. If you get lost in the forest, because for some reason you are behind the group or wandered too far, stay where you are. No need to go further.

How to make a blind area

How to make a blind area? Watch the video How to make a blind area? The construction of the blind area is an indispensable final stage in the construction of any residential building - until it is done, the work on its construction cannot.

How to get rid of ants in the garden

How to get rid of ants in the garden Instruction Dip a sponge for washing dishes in a solution of honey or jam, put it on the ant path and wait for the ants to stick it, then lower the sponge into boiling water.

How to draw in Photoshop

How to draw in Photoshop? Today, art is gradually moving to the digital plane. More and more people are striving to create with the help of computers: to draw, to create music and animation. For many, the ability to create digital drawings is not.

How to treat a tick in a parrot

How to treat a tick in a parrot? Buying an undulating parrot at a pet store or bird market, you will never be sure that you have a completely healthy individual. With good nutrition and proper care, the bird will feel good for a.

What to wear with sandals

What to wear sandals? Sandals are the most popular summer shoes. Sometimes they begin to wear them even from the middle of spring, and they take them off only when the weather in the fall deteriorates completely. And if you move on your car.

How to develop a reaction

How to develop a reaction? By reaction is meant a conscious response to a certain external influence; it is one of the manifestations of such physical quality as speed. The speed of reaction is of great importance not only in sports, but also in.

How to get porcelain skin

How to get porcelain skin? Porcelain skin is a light pastel shade, no defects and perfect smoothness. This is a real fashion trend of the last seasons, so many of the fair sex are striving to become the owners of such a person. And.

How to cook dandelion jam

How to cook dandelion jam Ingredients needed to make dandelion jam(approximately 750-800 ml of jam is obtained): - 300 blossomed dandelion buds (it is important to choose large, bright and healthy flowers); - 1 ripe lemon; - 1 liter of water; - 1 kg.

How to make ice cream in a blender

How to make ice cream in a blender? Ice cream in a blender is easy to prepare. You need to take cream, milk or yoghurt as a basis, and the list of other ingredients depends on the selected recipe. Ice cream in a blender.

Ideas for a small kitchen

Ideas for a small kitchen Kitchenette layout In order to create a beautiful small kitchen design, you need a plan. When planning, it is necessary to make scrupulous measurements and take into account some important points: - the distance from the floor, wall, ceiling.

Nanotechnology: what is it

Nanotechnology: what is it? Nanotechnologies are methods of working on substances at the level of their individual atoms. These technologies specialize in the manipulation of individual atoms of a substance. The objects of nanotechnology are objects with sizes of the specified range, for example.

How to install Dragonborn

How to install Dragonborn? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Kuliev ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������February 1, 2015 Despite the fact that the release of the game Skyrim was a few years ago, the game is still one of the most popular among gamers. Therefore, there are often questions about how to.

Church holiday January 24

Church holiday January 24 SAFE THEODOSIA THE GREAT lived in the 5-6th centuries. and was the founder of sociable monasteries. He was born in Cappadocia from pious parents. In his youth he visited the Holy Land and saw Simeon the Stylite, who blessed him.

How to find Agent Griffin

How to find Agent Griffin? Julia Chmykhalo January 21, 2013 Prototype 2 is a very popular computer game, made in the genre of action, with a sci-fi bias, which includes elements of RPG. It was released in April 2012 under all the most popular.

Origami: how to make a box

Origami: how to make a box? Watch the video Origami: how to make a box? Origami masters show a fairly large, if not huge, number of examples of how to make a work of art from a simple sheet of paper, and sometimes a.

What is useful bath ofuro

What is useful bath ofuro? If the bath is your passion, then you must be there often. Do you want to try something new? Then visit the ofuro bath. What it is? Ofuro is a traditional Japanese bath, and home. It is a kind.

How to put a dog to sleep

How to put a dog to sleep? Animals are an integral part of our life, and soon they become members of our family. The lifespan of dogs, cats, birds or rodents is much less than the lifespan of a person. And therefore it is.

How to do video tutorials

How to do video tutorials? Watch the video How to do video tutorials? All people have not only their own shortcomings, but also their own talents. And there may come a time when you want to share your skills with other people. Video tutorials.

How to make a sign on the keyboard

How to make a sign on the keyboard? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Yana Merichenko ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������August 2, 2014 Often when writing technical or other documentation, it becomes necessary to insert symbols into the text that are not on the keyboard. This article provides instructions explaining how to.

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