Painting "Owls" in the technique of nitcography

Thread printing is an interesting technique of drawing with threads. Often, everyone draws with pencils, felt-tip pens and they make lines on a sheet of paper. In this technique, lines are formed after gluing the threads. Glue is applied on the base and the selected image is filled step by step with layers of threads. It is better to use a wooden skewer in the work so that the lines are smooth and fit together. And with a stick it is great to grease some hard-to-reach places of work. This is an incredibly exciting technique. If you take the base 50x40 cm, then you will be busy with interesting work for several weeks. A picture of 15x20 cm in size will be made in a couple of days. Such hard work requires concentration and perseverance. But the result justifies the time spent. Today you will learn how to make a picture on which five owls sit on a large tree with a cobweb. For its creation it is necessary to prepare such items: - a sheet of particle board 30x40 cm in size (you can buy a ready-made frame withsolid base); - threads for knitting various colors (it is better to take all of the same thickness); - PVA glue or any waterproof polymer glue; - scissors; - wooden skewer; - pencil; - images of owls
 Painting Sovushki in the technique of nitkografiya
Step 1. First you need to draw with a pencil big tree with branches. Pick up the images of owls on the Internet (it is better to take more cartoonish coloring), print them on a sheet so that each does not exceed 8 cm. After that, cut out the drawings and paste them onto the background sheet of the work. You can transfer the image (draw with a pencil), but why, if nothing is visible under the threads. Step 2. Now take the black thread, glue and wooden skewer. Apply glue to the places where you draw the image with a pencil and paste the thread. Now you are creating the outlines of the drawings. Use your wand to straighten the thread so that it lies flat and tight to the base. Owls also need to glue the black thread in those places where there are main (bold) lines.
 Painting of Sovushki in the technique of nitkography
Step 3. As soon as the outlines of the drawing dry up, you can start drawing.You need to fill in the middle of the images. To do this, you need to lubricate part of the work (tree trunk) with glue and begin to glue the strings. Every important thing is to apply very tightly to the previous one, trying not to leave blank spaces. It is better not to wrap the filaments at the base, but to cut them off. Also start painting on owl pictures. It is better to make the birds bright and colorful so that the picture is more interesting. At the same stage, it will be logical to make a cobweb, a month and asterisks.
 Picture of the Corn in the technique of the nitcography
Step 4. Now follows make the background work. It is better to take a dark blue thread. This stage is the most painstaking and lengthy. It is necessary to fill all the free space of the base. Move gradually, it is better to spread some sections of glue with glue and alternately fill them with threads.  The picture of the sheep in the technique of nitcography
If you try very hard, it will be such an interesting job. For her, you can come up with some verbal characteristics based on the well-known saying: “At night, all cats are gray,owls are bright! ”
 Painting of Sovushki in the technique of nitcography
All you have to do is wait until all the threads are dry, paste the work framed, hang it in the most prominent place and admire their work.