The participant of the show "The Voice" started singing, breaking both hands

The final release of the stage of blind auditions of the show “The Voice” was aired. About what remained behind the scenes, said a participant from Novosibirsk.

Participation in the “Voice” project for Artur Arzhakov from Novosibirsk stretched for a whole year. He passed the casting of the 5th season and in August 2016 he waited for his turn at the shooting of the blind auditions.

“We were supposed to perform on the third day, but the turn did not reach, as the mentors had already gathered the teams. There are 37 of us left, and we automatically passed in the sixth season. This year has already been filmed on the first day of shooting, ”Arthur told Woman’s Day.

Photo: Artur Arzhakov’s personal archive

“My performance was already in the evening, but I did not feel any tiredness. Somehow everything was positive, fun and very well organized. Expectations coincided with reality. The only thing that came as a surprise: when the participant enters the stage and stands on the spot, soffits descend to it from above. And it was accompanied by such a frightening sound! It seemed to me that when I was there, it would be the most terrible and exciting moment in my life.But in fact, it turned out that you are so abstracted at the time of the performance that you can’t see or hear anything. ”

At 22, Arthur is an experienced vocalist who has already felt the taste of successful participation in a show on federal TV. Moreover, the choice of a favorite thing in life for him determined the case. The guy sings from 6 years, and the impetus for this was a fracture of both hands!

“About 2 months before school I was given to play the cello, I really did not like it. And just before September I broke both hands, and went to school in two gypsums. And since my parents wanted me to do something creative, they gave me to sing. So it all began. Then there were a lot of different contests, a rock band in high school. In 2012, after graduating from school, I went to the project “The Battle of the Choirs” as part of a team from Novosibirsk, we reached the final and took second place. Our mentor was the producer Victor Drobysh. It was for me the first great experience of television filming, working in Moscow, on such a platform, with such sound and such professionals. ”

Photo: Artur Arzhakov’s personal archive

Back in Novosibirsk, Arthur entered the Siberian Institute of Management and graduated with a degree in State and Municipal Management. He has not yet become a manager, because he understood that music and vocals are closer to him.She has been working as a vocalist, including for three years already at the Ear and Bear karaoke bar, performing at various city and corporate events and holidays. For blind auditions, Arthur Arzhakov chose the song “Fly” by Philip Kirkorov and sang it in his own way. But none of the four chairs during his speech did not unfold. Commenting on their decision, the mentors paid tribute to the talent of the guy, but did not accept his interpretation and manner of performance. Alexander Gradsky spoke especially sharply.

“I was not offended, everything was said very constructively and to the point. I even agree with Alexander Borisovich in some way. Not all the same to praise us ... It was said professionally. They say because they see the prospect. As for the word "manner", which grabbed all the haters: each performer has his own manner, which can be modified. There are some chips, tricks. My teachers and I chose this pitch to show the song for our part. Someone did not like it, someone decided that we spoiled the song Kirkorov. I will not change the manner, but I will listen to the advice. I will work on the bugs. "

Photo: Artur Arzhakov’s personal archive

“At first there was a slight depression, like any creative person who faces setbacks,” admits Arthur. “But then I became philosophical about this, realizing how cool it was!” At 22 years old broadcast on Channel One! A huge number of people called, wrote, added to friends. Left positive comments, negative comments ... All this gives the motivation to continue working. I want to say a huge thank you to all of Novosibirsk.