Popular short shorts

The history of this detail of the wardrobe goes back in time. They were worn in the sixteenth century, however, mostly only men. The most popular shorts began to use in the early twentieth century, and now women have to wear them much more often than men.

Short women's shorts are a versatile and incredibly comfortable thing. With them you can easily create any image: from a fatal beauty to a confident athlete.

In the 30s, shorts were the most popular clothes for picnics and travel. In the 50s, designers began to present models of these clothes on fashion podiums. Since then, their popularity is not falling, but only increasing.

People wear them regardless of age, body shape and build. The main advantage of short styles is that they are always convenient. Agree, it is more pleasant to go in shorts, not being afraid to bend over than in a mini-skirt. They can be seen anywhere: in the gym, at the university, in the park or at a party.They can be easily worn at any time of the year regardless of the weather, because now there are warmed models. Especially shorts are relevant in the summer wardrobe girls.

Wearing them, you are sure to attract the attention of men to your feet, but at the same time you will not look vulgar. It is important to take into account some points.

If you have a thin body and slender legs, you are lucky! Feel free to wear short models, you will look great in them. Such options will look cool only if you do not have cellulite. Otherwise, you can cause a negative reaction among the people around you.

But this does not mean that plump girls should forget about these clothes. You just need to choose models a little longer (knee-high) to hide problem areas.

Summer is coming, and this is a great time to buy new options. Choose your color models: white, red, which you like. Choose a top, stylish T-shirt or T-shirt for them and you will get a stylish look. By the way, short shorts will look good with a swimsuit.

Perhaps the most popular models of denim.Put on a tunic, leather belt and boots and you will be dressed in a casual style.

Plus these clothes in their versatility, they can be combined with a lot of things and accessories. Shoes can be very diverse: from sandals to warm boots. Only now the boots and heels can make you too challenging, keep this in mind.

Such a thing should be in the wardrobe of every girl. If you have not bought them yet, go to the store immediately!

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