Porcelain Wedding - wedding anniversary 20 years

Porcelain wedding is called the twentieth life of the spouses.

The mystery of this Chinese porcelain has not been disclosed until now, so spouses who have lived together for twenty years should rejoice in the fact that their union lasts so long and happily, but they should not forget that it is necessary to handle relationships with care. And also you need to appreciate them, like porcelain, and remember that happiness is a very fragile thing and it is in the hands of the spouses and depends only on them.

The main tradition of the twenty-year anniversary, the porcelain wedding, is a special table setting. On the holiday table must be porcelain, and it is better that porcelain items were new.

It is best to treat guests in a new china, which means that nothing is left of the old services, all adversity is gone, and life begins again, beautifully and happily. Traditionally, the table should have a dish of Oriental cuisine: Japanese or Chinese, since china came from the east.

An old tradition was that the guests at the festival independently molded various souvenirs from clay, which were then presented to the spouses in honor of the twenty-year anniversary. However, now it is considered outdated, since various clay souvenirs can be bought in any store that sells souvenirs and gifts. Therefore, guests in advance buy gifts that symbolize the china wedding and the duration of the relationship of the spouses.

Gifts made of porcelain must be required. You can give a chinaware - a set for tea drinking or a few cups for coffee. Various vases, statues and just cute items will surely please the hostess, and also serve to decorate the house. Even the hostess can give a porcelain doll, because they are so beautiful and beautiful.

However, due to the fact that the choice of porcelain products is not so great, it is possible to donate other useful items on the farm. For example, oriental items such as kimono or Japanese garden stones will be a great gift.

Most often, spouses who have lived together for twenty years, children are already adults. Therefore, you can give them an unusual gift, for example, a balloon trip, horseback riding or a trip to distant countries or a cruise on the sea.Joint rest will perfectly help spouses in a romantic atmosphere to remember their youth and the way their relationship started, forget at least for a while all the problems and concerns and plunge into rest and happiness.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 20 years of marriage and what you need to give on this anniversary :).