Panel of postcards with 3D effect

Panels are used in the interior to fill the walls. There are several types: carved, wooden, artistic, on the sea theme and others. Most often they make a panel with flowers that fits well into the decor of the room. For the manufacture of panels of postcards, it is better to use postcards with a picture of the landscape, flowers, various objects. It is undesirable to take images with people or animals. Materials and tools: • two identical postcards; • PVA glue; • • cardboard;
• photo frame; • ruler; • pencil; • narrow ribbon; • colored paper; • scissors.
 Materials and Tools
1. First we make the markup on the cards. We turn over the first postcard and on the reverse side with a pencil under the ruler draw lines. The distance between them is 5 mm. You can make the strip and wider, in this work allowed width from 5 mm to 10 mm. It is necessary that the postcard increases in width, so the lines are drawn vertically.If you want the card to become longer, then you need to make horizontal stripes. Having drawn the first postcard, we similarly mark the second one.
 do the markup on the cards
2. Pencil number the strip. First, on the first postcard we write the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on until the last bar. Then we put the same numbers on the second postcard. Figures are starting to write on the left side of cards.
 Numbering the stripes with a pencil
3. Carefully and precisely along the lines with scissors we cut postcards. (If not evenly cut, then a panel with slots will come out.) Cut the strips into two piles so that they do not mix.  cut the cards
4. Now lay out the strip. First put the strip No. 1 from the first postcard and strip No. 1 from the second postcard. Then we post the number 2 and 2, № 3 and 3 to the last number.  lay out the bands 5. We look at the panels and, if necessary, remove the extra strips.In this case, you need to remove a couple of strips along the edges of the bouquet.
 remove extra strips
6. We proceed to pasting strips. We take the cardboard of the appropriate size and glue it in order, starting with the first pages. Make sure that the strips lie flat, do not overshoot the edge, and there is no lumen between them.
 Start sticking on strips
7. Apply the glue on the cardboard, as wide as two strips. Then we apply a strip, we press. Be sure to wipe the glue from the strips with a damp sponge, otherwise the dried glue will be visible and spoil the look of the panel.
 Apply glue on cardboard
8. Paste all the strips to the end. We cut off excess cardboard. It turned out a double postcard. It is possible to use three or four postcards to create a panel, then it will be released much more.
 Paste all the strips to the end
9. To make the panel smooth, we put the work done under the press until it is completely dry. 10. We insert the finished panel into the photo frame. You can use any frame: wooden, plastic, metal or other.
You can use any frame
11. You can do without a frame for photos. It is not difficult to make the most frame of paper. Cut out the yellow paper elements for the frame and paste them on the edges of the panel. From the narrow ribbon or thread, make a loop, attach it with glue (or tape) to the frame. Such a panel can be put on a shelf, and you can decorate a wall with it.
 Panel of postcards with 3D effect
Here In this way, a panel is made of two identical cards with the effect of 3D. In this technique, you can make a panel on any subject.