Preparing for the exam in chemistry from scratch

Preparing for the exam in chemistry from scratchUnified State Exam on Chemistry in 2015 is not included in the number of mandatory state examinations. Usually this exam is taken by graduates who have long been determined in which university and what specialty they will enroll. As a rule, the exam in chemistry is required for admission to specialties related to medicine, chemical or food industry. The Unified State Exam in Chemistry is not inferior to mathematics or physics in its complexity. Therefore, for the successful passing of the exam, you need to start training as early as possible. And if the knowledge on this subject is practically zero, then without outside help and painstaking independent work, the chances of passing the USE in chemistry are scanty.

The structure of the exam in chemistry

The Unified State Exam in Chemistry consists of 40 tasks, which are divided into three levels of complexity:

  • The first level is the base level tasks. At this level, it is necessary to choose one correct answer from the four proposed answers. Each correct answer will be rated at one point.
  • The second level of complexity, consists of tasks of the average level.At this level, a written response should be written for each task. Depending on the completeness and correctness of the answer, an assessment of the answers from 1 to 2 points will be made
  • The third level of complexity consists of fairly complex tasks. Responses at this level should be deployed, with a full description of the entire task solving process. Evaluation at this level of difficulty - from 3 to 4 points, depending on the completeness of the solution of the task. 

How to prepare for the exam in chemistry

To begin, the graduate must decide for himself whether he is ready to pass the exam in chemistry. To do this, you must pass a test demonstration tests for the exam in chemistry, which can be found here. The solution of these tests will show the real level of knowledge.

If the level of knowledge is very low, then preparation for the USE in chemistry should start from scratch. To do this, be sure to sign up for preparatory courses in chemistry. In these courses, qualified specialists will help to significantly increase the level of knowledge, both in the theoretical part of the subject, and in solving problems at various levels. If it is not possible to attend such courses, then it is worthwhile to find a tutor who will work on an individual basis, which will also have a positive impact on the basic knowledge of chemistry.At the same time, it is necessary to carefully study and work out the topic by topic, supporting theoretical knowledge with the solution of practical problems.

Preparing for the exam in chemistry from scratch

Algorithm of self-preparation for the exam in chemistry

For self-preparation for the Unified State Exam in chemistry, basic school textbooks in chemistry, workbooks, reference materials and manuals for the preparation for the Unified State Examination will be required.