Publications of Tatiana Bayeva

You do not know how to find the area of ​​a quadrilateral? Or which formula to choose with known data? Refer to our article. Here you will find systematic information about solving this problem.
How to find the perimeter of a triangle? The article presents the most common formulas for calculating the perimeter of a triangle and special cases (the perimeter of a rectangular, regular triangle, etc.). The text of the article is convenient to use as a hint when choosing a solution.
How to find the area of ​​a triangle. If you are faced with such a question, then we are in a hurry to tell you about it. The article will help you choose the right formula for the task data and quickly get the right answer.
Have you finished building a house? But there is still a lot of work aimed at interior and exterior decoration. Read our article and you will learn how to sheathe the house yourself. The article discusses three types of cladding material and provides tips for their installation.
Did you have a son? Do not rush to worry about your child.Read our article and, perhaps, you will find a completely unpredictable explanation of the question why a son dreams.
If you woke up in the morning, you began to torment the question of why the boss dreams, then it is useful for you to read our article. Let's try to find an interpretation of your sleep.
How to insert a video into a presentation? We answer - easy! In the article, you will find a detailed step-by-step algorithm for solving this problem in Microsoft Power Point 2003 and 2010 software environments.
Is there a baby in your family? If you are novice parents and have a problem with how to dress a newborn, read our article. Here you will find many recommendations on this issue and quickly master the ability to properly wear a baby.
The article describes how the conception of a child occurs. The author tried to reveal the main stages of conception, without resorting to a large number of medical terms. Read and learn!
Did you see herring in your dream? Strange isn't it? Maybe we should find an answer to the question, why does the herring dream? In our article you will find the interpretation of your sleep by the most popular dream books.