Punctuality: Why am I constantly late?


Punctuality is a positive trait of a person who knows how to properly manage their time, is not late, and clearly distributes affairs during the day. Some people do not know how to be punctual, they are constantly late, even if they specially got up early or left the house earlier. But their pathological inability to be on time negatively affects their lives.

Why am I constantly late

A non-punctual person is unlikely to cause positive emotions in other people. When you are late in a single case for a good reason: stuck in an elevator, transferred your grandmother across the road, lost something, transport failed, etc., it can be understood and forgiven. But when delays occur with enviable regularity, no one will like this behavior. At work, reprimands from the authorities, up to the deprivation of the prize. If you are late for a date, then the person waiting for you is also unlikely to rejoice.

There are the following reasons for being late:

Inveterate adrenaline. Some people are addicted to the hormone adrenaline, which is produced in extreme situations, from fear. Usually, this hormone is obtained by people involved in extreme sports: skydiving, snowboarding from high mountain peaks, etc. But a simpler and more primitive way to get it is lateness. The boss at work is unlikely to tolerate this, reprimands and complaints will always follow. A swearing causes an adrenaline rush.Punctuality: Why am I constantly late?
Inability to make a daily routine. Regular tardiness also means that a person does not know how to correctly distribute affairs during the day. Usually it comes from childhood, when parents remind the child of something that he always forgets. Therefore, he himself does not know how to memorize his own affairs, which he outlined and allocate time to them.
Lack of desire. The next reason for being late is the reluctance to go somewhere, go, meet a person. It happens on a subconscious level.
Perfectionism. Perfectionism - the desire to do everything perfectly. This applies to the appearance, and the quality of work, cleaning the house.A perfectionist woman who is going to work early in the morning wants to look perfect, she carefully paints her lips, long combs her hair, preens in front of a mirror. The consequence of such actions is a delay.

How to become punctual: tips

Few people like it when a friend, colleague or loved one is constantly late. It is annoying. This behavior is a banal manifestation of ignorance. Punctuality speaks of human culture. Even the best employee will eventually want to be replaced if he regularly arrives half an hour, and sometimes an hour later.

An adult can change his character. The following tips will help:

Build a clear daily routine. When a lot of affairs and worries come on, in the process of doing them you forget to look at your watch, time flies by. Therefore, in the end, we are late for an important meeting, a meeting with a loved one, a birthday to a friend. To prevent this from happening, make a diary for the records, where you can clearly write out your entire day by the hour. First, allocate the time and place on paper to list all the cases for the day, and only then write down the approximate time for their execution.It may turn out that some business will turn out to be shifted to another day. Such a decision will help to be collected.
Come before. Get in the habit of coming to a meeting, work, date or other event a few minutes earlier. To do this, go to bed earlier and get up earlier so that there is more time for morning gatherings. No need to exaggerate the possibilities and come in an hour. Calculate the time so that you arrive in advance for 5-10 minutes, nothing more.

Punctuality: Why am I constantly late?

Do not look for excuses. You are late for work by 30 minutes. The boss, gritting his teeth, chastises you. And in your head convulsively thoughts are spinning, that would come up with such a thing and properly otmazatsya yourself, come up with a good reason for the next "school". The most popular excuses are: “stuck in the elevator,” “broken pipes in the house,” “the lock broke,” “traffic jam,” and others in a similar fashion. It is unlikely that this is already acting on the chief, he is well aware that you are an avid "late". When you stop these children's excuses and admit your real guilt to your boss and colleagues, you will immediately feel responsibility for the actions, you will be collected.
Sit on the track.As often happens, we like to occupy ourselves with some interesting occupation just before going to an important meeting: read a book, scroll through the news on a social network. Before the exit, there are only 5 minutes left, but they fly by without notice and turn into 15 minutes. Then it's too late, you're catastrophically late. Refuse such a habit. If you have nothing to do these 5 minutes, just sit in the hallway and wait. Better to leave early, it will give another chance not to be late.
Shift time back. If you clearly know how long you are late, for example, it is 5-10 minutes, then set the clock to this time. It is even better if someone else does this for you so that you do not know (friends, relatives). Then you will cease to be late.
Motivation and autotraining. Begin the day with speaking in front of the mirror that you will no longer be late. Of course, do it with a real desire to get rid of the bad habit. Write on a piece of paper what you get when you stop being late. This may be the approval of friends, the respect of colleagues and superiors. Perhaps, before raising the career ladder, you just lacked punctuality.As an employee, you are good, but you do not know how to keep track of time, and this is extremely important for the boss. These few points will serve as a good motivation to become a punctual person.

Punctuality: Why am I constantly late?

Preparing from the evening. If you are late mainly in the mornings and at work, then the following method will help you - to prepare everything from the evening. For example, in the morning you choose which outfit to wear. Do it in the evening. Put the suit out of the closet and hang it in a prominent place so as not to run around with bulging eyes before going out and not to look for suitable clothes. Do the same with the food. Prepare the containers, put the food in them, put them in the refrigerator. In the morning you will only put in a bag or bag. If you eat porridge or omelet in the morning, prepare these dishes in the evening. And in the morning just warm up in the microwave.
Things in prominent places. Sometimes we are late, because we have lost this or that thing: a mobile phone, keys, a handbag, a purse. Put everything you need immediately in a bag or at the exit to the shelf or dressing table to see and not forget them. And even better, if you determine for such trifles a certain place where you will put them. So you will always know where to look for them.
Think about possible reasons for delays. Unforeseen situations happen often. This and traffic jam, and the lateness of transport. Before you leave, do not be lazy to go online and see the condition on the roads, find the route where the traffic jam is with the least points. If you travel by public transport, check the timetable, prepare money for a taxi just in case. Pre-fill the car with gasoline so that you don't have to stop by in the morning for refueling. Have breakfast at home so that the rumbling stomach along the way does not force you to call at a roadside cafe.
Wake up by the alarm clock. If it is your habit to switch the alarm clock later (5-10 minutes), get rid of it. Get up as soon as you hear the first notes. Alternatively, put it a few minutes earlier. To make this process easier, go to bed earlier. To quickly wake up and how to open your eyes, first wash, brush your teeth and do at least a few warm-up exercises (exercises) to wake the body. And if you have a coffee machine with the possibility of a delay, then set the brewing time of the coffee just at the time of waking up, then the morning will start with coffee.
Calculation of time for everyday affairs.Observe how much time you spend on this or that occupation at home: shower, brushing your teeth, breakfast. It is best to measure clearly by the hour, write in the diary and build on these indicators and build a daily routine.
More hours around. Surround yourself for hours. Do not overdo it. If there is no wristwatch, keep a mobile phone with you, hang beautiful "tickers" on the wall to look at the time at any moment.

The benefits of punctuality

To stimulate yourself to become a punctual person, think about what advantages this quality in life will bring you.

Your life will be much less stressful situations. The boss will not argue, the loved one will be offended, important negotiations will be held on time and on a positive wave.
There will be respect for your person colleagues and relatives. It's hard work to change. They will understand how you tried to overcome such a bad habit, how to be late, and will be proud of your achievements.
Climbing the career ladder. The chef appreciated you as a competent worker, but your lack of coordination in matters and time frames prevented him from raising you.Now the attitude will change dramatically with the arrival of responsibility in your working life, so the authorities will appreciate and perhaps tomorrow will offer you a new position.
When you are always punctual, then individual cases of tardiness will no longer be perceived as just another irresponsibility. On the contrary, everyone will understand that this happened by accident or for a good reason.

Punctuality: Why am I constantly late?

Edit Warnings

Being late can lead to problems in life:

Being late to a colleague, friend or girl always causes negative emotions, irritation, resentment. The people who planned their daily routine are forced to wait for you, to put things off for later.
Remember that a lost reputation is not so difficult to restore. But shake is easy. It is better never to spoil its irresponsible behavior than to try for years to regain glory for past merits.
Do not convince yourself that no one notices your late arrival. If you have not been made comments, it does not mean that this situation will be in vain.

If you want to have respect and honor among colleagues and loved ones, then take the trouble to change yourself and improve character, become punctual.