Quality American furniture from DECORUM

The main goal of DECORUM is to provide customers with high-quality and reliable American furniture from renowned designers. We perfectly understand that each person has his own personal preferences and therefore we try to adapt to your desires and listen to your advice. After all, we sell furniture, which should become not only a functional addition to your apartment, but also its main decoration.

Why should you choose our company?

DECORUM has long established itself in the furniture market, because we sell high-quality furniture and try to ensure that it fully meets all the requirements of our customers. We closely follow all the latest developments and try to find the best that American furniture manufacturers can offer us for your apartments, houses and country cottages.

We are happy to deliver for you the furniture of your dreams and at the same time: •We will take into account all your wishes for the configuration according to your personal needs. • You can see the catalog of American furniture and choose what you like for your house. • All our furniture is solid and reliable, therefore we can guarantee that they will serve you for many years. • To create American furniture, durable and high-quality materials are used that will last a very long time. • Our staff are professionals in their field, so they will quickly and accurately install in your apartment the furniture ordered from us. You do not have to worry about the fact that during installation they can accidentally damage any details of your interior. • We install furniture at any time convenient for you.

In the showroom DECORUM you can buy furniture from the United States, which was created by these masters. Our experts are always ready to come to your aid and give you good advice!

We try to provide our customers with ideal solutions that fully correspond to their wishes, requirements and fantasies.