Quilted panel "Apple"

Today we will tell how to make a small quilted panel with simple shapes and a spectacular finish.

From the patchwork part of the work we will have to do a little: draw a sketch, cut a round tree crown, sky and lawn. We sew!

Smoothed, take acrylic paint on brown fabric and draw the trunk, branches and a little bit of roots. Also near the tree we will have magical "pumpkins" growing in the form of flowers. We are waiting for when it dries out, we fix it with an iron.

Now we will add a sandwich: our picture with a tree + a piece of a synthetic winterizer + a wrong side. We fasten all the pins.

Now you need to detach the trunk with red threads. Thus, the trunk and branches acquire the depth of color, clarity and relief.

It looks like the wrong side:

Do the same thing with the germ-flowers.

Now we start to fill the sky with stitch. At the edges and at the top of the firmament we sew semicircular squiggles, I call this pattern “dunes”.

Closer to the tree quilted pattern "pebbles", although in this case the name "air bubbles of happiness!"

The color of the thread, you can only top, it is desirable to change, in order to achieve an interesting gradient and expressiveness.For the sky, I used several colors from blue to light blue:

And for the glade shades of green and dark green:

The glade will be embellished with a “pebbles” pattern and they are darker and larger at the bottom, and lighter and smaller towards the horizon line.

When all areas are buttoned up, let's proceed to the installation.

I chose an interesting plaid fabric with black colors for the edging: black, brown, dark green.

Let's decorate the apple crown with apples: red bulk buttons, stones and beads.

And it remains to sew our miracle pumpkin-colored aqua.