Real money on the Internet is real

Freelance - Earnings on the Internet

Freelance - Earnings on the Internet

A rare Internet user was not wondering how to make money with the help of the world wide web. Here, the apparent simplicity of earnings plays a role - you just sit and press buttons, and they also pay for it, and besides, the Internet is full of advertisements that offer simply fabulous earnings.
But - as elsewhere - on the Internet it is quite difficult to find earnings not only simple, but also with a good guaranteed payment. Usually, advertisements with such conditions are the work of various scammers who end up with a large number of people. It is thanks to their feedback that one gets the impression that it is impossible to earn good money on the Internet in an honest way. But there are other opinions - for example, our site confirms that good earnings on the Internet are not a myth. You just need to be good at information, so as not to fall for the bait of scammers.


Internet earnings on texts



This implies such work as rewriting, copywriting and translation of texts. Rewriting - rewriting a given text in your own words. This type of work with the text is paid in different ways - a lot depends on the reputation and skill of the person performing the work. Copywriting is like an essay on a given topic - the creation of a unique article, which has never been published before.


The average price of copyright is 25 rubles per 1000 characters, the rewrite is 10-15 rubles for the same amount. The cost of translation is about 50 rubles per 1000 characters. The price range is quite extensive - it all depends on the content exchange and the terms of the joint contract between the customer and the contractor. For greater clarity, such exchanges of articles as,,, can be mentioned. these and other exchanges can be found independently, you just need to type in the search engine "Exchange of articles."





Freelance - Earnings on the Internet



What is freelancing, knows almost every user of the Internet. On any freelancing sites, you can find out which skills and professions are most in demand. Here are a few of them:,, Freelance can provide a fairly good income, but even then, of course, everything will depend on reputation and ability.Cybersquatting is the name of buying a domain on the Internet - the name of the site - and then reselling it at a price that is more expensive. Of course, if you want to receive, you need to register only promising domains. Suppose, when a new children's clothing store brand "Alico" appears, while the owners do not yet have their own website, the cybersquatter registers the domain in its name. The owners of the brand have to buy the name of the site at the price offered by the cybersquatter. This income is based on the fact that it is necessary not only to wait for the emergence of new brands, firms, brands, names, but also to anticipate their appearance. In addition, cybersquatters themselves sometimes come up with new domains that someone may need sooner or later. But this way of making money is becoming more and more difficult - almost all of them are promising domain names. Earnings at auctions and online casinos.In online casinothe rules are no different from a casino in reality: money is transferred to a virtual account, and you can start the game. This earnings is not regular, because you can not win every day. How to earn at the auction: for example, on such as, you can put up for sale your unnecessary things, appliances, clothes or shoes - worn, but in good condition. After selling off the extra things in the house, you can help out a good amount, and in addition, there is always a chance to buy cheap items at another auction and resell them for a sum several times larger.


Freelance - Earnings on the Internet



How to make money downloading files

You can upload programs, photos, music, pictures, e-books and other files to the file sharing service. If you do not have them, new items are downloaded from other sites and also placed in file sharing -,,, After registration at your disposal will be a link to a file that you can upload to communities, social networks and forums. If other people wish to download materials from your link, you will receive money = about $ 5-20 per 1000 downloads. Earn online with the help of paid consultations.


If you are a specialist in any field, you can advise Internet users for the money. Consultations can be given on the forums, by phone or become an expert on any site.By ICQ, for example, one specialist consultation costs about $ 30.


How to make money on posting



Posting is called chatting on forums and commenting on articles on websites. That is, you can get not only the pleasure of communication, but also a small payment. You can learn how to make money this way on the services,,, One such message costs about 4 cents, but if you spend about 5 hours a day doing this work, you can create new topics in the forums and leave a lot of messages. Monthly earnings can reach $ 200-300.


Earnings on surfing, clicks, reading letters, paid surveys



Here paid attention to deserves special attention. When you register on the relevant sites for participation in the proposed research or surveys you will receive money. The duration of one survey takes about 10-30 minutes. The cost varies from 0.5 to 10 dollars. Invitations to surveys are not sent out so often to call this type of earnings complete. And everything else - clicks, reading letters, surfing and so on - in general, one can say, wasted time. In a month, you can earn only 15 dollars on clicks and reading letters.



Freelance - Earnings on the Internet





Investment Funds, Forex

Earnings with investment funds are a system of investing a certain amount of money to get them back with interest. Trade in the Forex market - earnings on the difference between the exchange rates, and in order for the income to be good, one must not only have the initial capital, but also monitor the quotes, and also be well versed in the numerous nuances of the business. To understand this will help special Forex strategies.