Repair in the living room (something went wrong)

Author: Sergeeva Anna

Welcome to our living room. Living room - this of course says loudly, because the apartment is a studio. But we call this part of our house that way.

The living room is still about the process of decoration and "shading." Well, I am a “photographer from God” - some photos convey a bit strange space.
Here we spend the evenings, drink wine and eat snacks, while watching movies and TV, hang out with friends.

Through the whole apartment there is an opportunity to combine the living room kitchen with the living room, although of course I would like the living room to be a common space with the kitchen.
Initially, I used to think here (and throughout the apartment) a fusion style with elements of American, English and loft style. I really did not want me now popular Scandinavian style.

I can’t say with confidence that I did it.
I had to change my plans during the arrangement: firstly, the spouse took some decisions in hostility, it was necessary to compromise, and secondly,I myself am a man of “seven Fridays in a week” and in spite of the fact that I did 3D pictures, I thought through everything 100 times, it turned out that in life everything looks not at all like in the head and in the picture.

The first thing that went wrong is, of course, a sofa. I wanted a beautiful sofa, in a classic style, velvet, rich blue or emerald green, with a side stand and a stand and a beautiful lamp, which I made from a bottle of cognac and collected pebbles in the Crimea. My husband liked another sofa, I tried hard not to notice it, since I was completely against the corner sofa, besides my husband’s choice was very cumbersome, he would have occupied the whole room.

Of course, when we went to the store behind the sofa I knew for what food and what I want to buy a sofa. She prepared her husband morally, showed pictures, admired the velvet for two weeks in front of the store, specially left open the pages with the sofa she liked on the laptop, discussed "her" sofa with her friends and parents in his presence. In general, I came from far away. And now I am sitting at the manager at the table, making out the purchase of “my own” dream sofa - there’s a clear picture in my head that I will pick up to this sofa. But here, something went wrong.While the manager and I were clarifying the details of the order, my husband, somewhere in the depths of the exhibition hall, found the MOST sofa he saw on the site. I sat down on it and everything ... the weeks of my “psychological” pressure went down the drain.

Comes up to me and says - we take this or no, you just go sit down: I sat down and melted! To sit on it after a hard day, to fall apart on it from Saturday night is a pleasure, to poke on it in the afternoon is just a class, and the corner section is like a hammock.

Everything, the picture in the head was scattered. And the only thing that I said is that if this sofa is yellow. and velor.
The husband wanted the standard gray or brown color in the mat.
Yes, it is big, yes, it takes a lot of space, but sitting on it in the evening after work, I understand that comfort is better than beauty. And in general, not so cumbersome)
The sofa unfolds, using the mechanism of a French folding bed, so you can not worry about the guests too.

In addition, due to the fact that the sofa is large enough (2.87 cm in length), on it we arrange gatherings with friends, comfortably accommodates 5-6 people.

In the photo it seems that the sofa is pushed strongly into the corner, but it is not. The sofa costs from the battery somewhere in the 25-30 cm.

The second thing that went wrong is the curtains. I wanted Roman curtains, because through the apartment we have heating pipes from both sides, I wanted symmetrical paintings on the sides. Replace the battery with black cast iron or tubular batteries. (they have yet to be changed, they are now abandoned because of a lack of finances).

Refusal of the Roman curtains pulled the sofa behind it, since it seemed to me that the Roman in this case would look very official. At first, I wanted some kind of monochrome drawings. I searched first for black and white striped curtains or with chevrons (zigzas).

But when I saw these flowers in the store, I fell in love. I took it without thinking. In addition, the curtains can be changed at any time.

I do not like the way the cornice looks. But I do not want the core on the cornice in principle. I think that visually it will shorten the height and so not a large ceiling.

The curtains and the sofa pulled a chest of drawers behind me ... I wanted to take it to Ikeevsky Malm, to buy beautiful linings and paint them in aged golden color.

We already went to Ikea, behind the second dresser (the first one is in the sleeping area) and ... left Ikea with the Hemnes console. Along the way, grabbed three boxes in the color of the wallpaper and a basket.In the future I want to replace the boxes with wooden boxes.

still foreshortening and lighting. photo from the early morning after the new year.

a little Christmas decor. The composition is on the box, because the robot vacuum cleaner constantly poked at the snowmen and the candles shifted them to the sides.

I like wine, and with empty bottles I have to do something))))

Separately, I want to tell you about the stand for flowers, it is a coffee table. The table looked after her friend in the store. They sell handmade carpets for rabid money. Mad is from 300 thousand for the carpet. And in passing they sell all sorts of accessories, but for quite adequate money. I somehow agreed to have dinner with her, went to the salon and saw this table. I thought of buying it to my yellow couch. Since we have pink birds on the wallpaper, I picked up the color of the table for the birds. The tray is removable from above, it is convenient to set a table in the kitchen and bring it to the room. But it was not there. Well, the table did not stand next to the sofa, it is tall, it looks small and ridiculous. As a result, the table was transformed into a flower stand. Well, the bottles ... where without them) at night they perform the role of a night lamp.

Well, the last view of the "bedroom".The bedroom will show in detail the next time, it is still in the process of registration. Yes, and there is nothing special to show: bed, dresser, dresser. But the bedroom I have the most plans in terms of decor)
From the main I will tell: a bed with a lifting mechanism, Ikea Malm's dresser. I wanted them to be 2 identical in the sleeping area and living room with beautiful lining.

view with the door closed during the day.

Well, that's probably all for today.
What else do I plan to improve in the living room:

  • make a wall over the sofa. The idea is, slowly collect decor, which would draw a panel of paintings, photo frames, their crafts, and some of the figures.
  • to replace the cheap IKEA table, with a beautiful coffee table. I don’t know what I want and what I see. Do you have any tips?
  • carpet, want a carpet. I think there will be more comfort.
  • It is necessary to replace the radiators, the one that is now very frustrating for me.
  • there is a place for a narrow dresser to the right of the sofa (about 60 cm is left there). I want to buy again from the Hemnes Ikeevo series a tall and narrow chest of drawers - this is in the light version. In the luxury version, I looked at the following Aquarelle Birch dresser and I want to make wooden boxes in the console in the same color:

Carpet want ikea Hovslund. Here is this:

Covers are like that. Maybe with a different pattern. I can not decide. Although it seems that it will look good: a carpet with such a pattern and the same chest of drawers. You can not make gold lining, and gray like a carpet.