Rules for a successful trip to Australia

The green continent attracts travelers with its unique nature, unique culture and unique architectural solutions. Sydney Opera, Ayers Rock, Gold Coast, Great Barrier Reef - these many other attractions will make an indelible impression even on the sophisticated tourist. Travel to Australia can hardly be compared with a trip to any other country.

However, the rest here has its own characteristics. So that your vacation is not overshadowed by minor troubles, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of a successful trip to Australia.

Responsible to the registration of a tourist visa

The first difficulties may appear at the stage of preparation for the trip. A huge number of illegal migrants are striving to get to Australia every year, so the government will meticulously check everyone who declares their desire to visit the country.

The list of documents for registration of a tourist visa is quite impressive.The traveler will need to be patient and provide all the necessary papers proving that he is a wealthy person who successfully works in his home country. You will need certificates of marital status, military duty, and even a change of name / surname, if this was the case - you can see the full list of documents required for obtaining a visa to Australia. You can order the appropriate service from the tour operator, which will allow you to avoid paperwork - all the necessary documents will be prepared by the agency staff.

Exchange currency in advance and take VISA and / or MasterCard cards with you

On the territory of the country operates the Australian dollar. There are very few exchange points. Even if you are lucky and in your hotel you can exchange money, the percentage is likely to be just predatory.

Therefore, experienced travelers recommend taking with them VISA and / or MasterCard cards - they are accepted almost everywhere. Cash can be exchanged in advance in your own country. If this is not possible, you can change a small amount at the airport, but it should be borne in mind that you will have to pay a large commission for this service.

Plan your travel plan in advance.

Orient on the site and choose the appropriate attractions on arrival - this is not about Australia. So you can skip all the fun. Therefore, if you are planning an independent trip, think carefully about the route.

In order not to miss the important and see the famous places of this amazing country, it is best to go on a trip through a tour operator. They will help you to draw up documents, choose a hotel (or hotels, if you want to visit several cities at once), decide on an excursion and beach program. For example, a turnkey vacation is offered by the tour operator Australian Travel Club: on the company's website you can choose a ready-made tour or apply for an individual travel program.

Do not let your guard down during the trip.

It is believed that Australia is a safe country. And indeed, the crime rate here is one of the lowest in the world. However, in crowded places (especially where there are many tourists) it is worth being alert: there are many pickpockets on the streets of large cities.

Danger can also be trapped by the animal world: as you know, poisonous snakes, spiders and many other living creatures live here, the bite of which can spoil your rest. Therefore, it is not recommended to walk barefoot on the grass, especially in the evening.

Despite all the difficulties, a trip to Australia will give you unforgettable emotions. And if you follow all the precautions, the trip will definitely be remembered as one of the most vivid and memorable.