Secrets of successful home sushi and rolls

Sushi lovers do not necessarily go after them exclusively to specialized institutions. You can cook them yourself at home.

There are a lot of recipes for homemade sushi, and almost every day some novelties are invented. But there are some universal rules that must be followed regardless of which of the recipes you choose. It is not by chance that cooking this dish in the East is raised to the rank of high-grade art.

So, first of all, be sure to ensure that the knife that you use is as sharp as possible. Otherwise, you just can not cut the fish as thin slices as necessary. With a stupid knife, you will be cutting the fish, not cutting it, and it will not look very beautiful as a result. Best of all, if the knife has a wooden handle - then it will not slip out even from wet hands.

A must-have accessory is a bamboo mat.Some people neglect it and try to cook sushi without it, but only with its help they will be perfect.

Use only very fresh products. The same rule must comply with all the ingredients from which you will prepare dishes that accompany sushi: seafood salad, ginger, etc.

Mold the sushi and rolls from the properly prepared, not completely cooled down rice. Ingredients for the filling try to cut as small as possible.

While sculpting, wet your hands in special vinegar water (apple vinegar can be used instead).

Please note that pre-cut nori sheets are used for sushi, whereas for rolls they will be too small. Not everyone knows this feature and does not always buy the right nori. If you also made a mistake, the situation can be rectified: put a few boiled rice grains at the joints of the pieces and crush them. Thanks to this manipulation, the leaves stick together with each other.

Accurately follow the technology of rolling rolls, it is best to watch special video lessons in advance.

While cooking, try not to overdo it with wasabi - the Japanese appreciate the natural taste of the food, and an excess of spicy additives can prevent you from taking it fully.

Ready-made sushi is recommended to be consumed within 2-6 hours after they have been cooked. If storage rules are not followed, they deteriorate even faster.