Sex on the screen: 10 most outspoken outfits in the movie

Transparent dresses, so popular among the stars today, were invented by Hollywood directors in the 30s of the XX century. Woman’s Day found out how the process of film projection developed and chose the best examples - from Marlene Dietrich to Emilia Clark.

Ginger Rogers, “Flight to Rio”

Naked dresses. Ginger rogers
Photo: frame from the film

Year of creation: 1933.

In 1930, the Hayes Code was adopted in the United States, which prohibited displaying nudes on the screen during film production in Hollywood, as well as using outfits with too outspoken cleavage. In order not to abandon the exploitation of sexual images, the filmmakers went to the trick. In this code, there was not a word that women should not be shown on the screen, wearing tight, sometimes transparent dresses. Costume designers began to create special outfits made of tulle and decorated with sequins in the most interesting places. That is how the “naked” appeared, or, as they were then called, “illusory” dresses.One of the first, in 1933, Ginger Rogers tried on such an outfit in the cinema for the film “Flight to Rio”.